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 If there’ one thing a princess-loving girl can appreciate, it is that fabulous princess hair! Follow these detailed tutorials and learn to create some of the most memorable princess hairdo’s to date – all it takes is a bit of creativity, a comb, and some hairspray. Your little princess is sure to go crazy for these new styles, all inspired by her favorites in Disney royalty!

1. Belle’s half up-do

Belle’s classy half up-do seen during her romantic evening with the Beast is a great hairstyle for school but elegant enough for an event. Dress it up with a pretty ribbon or a tidy little bow. In lieu of a Velcro roller to create the “bump,” you may use a rolled nylon stocking or similar piece of soft material.

2. Snow White’s curly bob

Although this tutorial shows how to turn longer hair into a faux bob, the curling and pinning methods used to create Snow White’s look will work great on short hair too. Don’t forget Snow’s classic red bow headband!

3. Jasmine’s tiered ponytail

This Jasmine hairdo is a dressier version of the basic ponytail, making it a great go-to for mornings when the girls are running a little late! Part hair on one side and drape it loosely into the ponytail to add even more Princess Jasmine flair.

4. Ariel’s elegant swoop

Ariel’s “swoopy” bangs and loose curls were perfect for her first dinner at Prince Eric’s castle, and any little girl will look just as fabulous in this hairstyle. Take the swoop down a notch if you’re looking for a look that’s a bit less characterized or add a few seashells to amp it up!

5. Elsa’s coronation hair 

Elsa’s coronation look is a great way to keep hair back and away from the face in an elegant way. Just start at the front and keep twisting until all the hair is gathered and curled into a bun. Oh, and of course the look wouldn’t be complete without a tiara!

6. Anna’s coronation hair

Make this cute up-do your girl’s go-to for parties and events! Anna’s coronation hairstyle might look complicated, but the instructions from CuteGirls Hairstyles make it very doable. The tutorial uses a purchased braid headband like this one, but also suggests how to use real hair to form the braid in front, just like Anna.

7. Cinderella’s up-do

Simple and sweet like Cinderella, try this easy up-do on any busy morning! This is a style that can work for many lengths of hair and can be dolled up with a bow in the back or, as Cinderella prefers, a headband in the front! Add a little volume in the front to capture even more princess essence.

8. Elsa’s side braid

We’re going to double-up on Elsa hairstyles because, let’s face it, she’s got great hair. And who doesn’t love the loose, wavy braid Elsa styles for herself after letting it go? Avoid those tight, head-numbing braids and try this more relaxed look instead.

9. Rapunzel’s fancy braid 

Follow this tutorial to give the girls Rapunzel’s elaborate braid whether or not their hair is a mile-long. If you really want to capture the look, add some pretty flowers and hair clips.

10. Merida’s tight curls

Merida’s rather unruly curls may not be your cup of tea, but with a bit of taming they can be perfect for a bouncy, spiraled hairdo for the little girls in your life. This tutorial uses plastic drinking straws and bobby pins to create the perfect spiral curl. Short-haired girls can pull off the same technique using straws that have been cut down to size.

Featured image via Cute Girls Hairstyles.

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