10 St. Patrick’s Day Breakfasts

10 St. Patrick's Day Breakfasts

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Serve up one or two of these clever Irish bites for a special breakfast celebration this St. Patrick’s Day!

10 st. patrick's day breakfasts

1. Green Pepper Shamrock Eggs

This quick and healthy breakfast will put a smile on every face. You can make three or four-leafed clovers depending on the peppers you select.

2. Rainbow Pop-tarts

This one is a little more labor intensive but sure to please in the early morning hours! Use a pre-made pie crust to cut down on prep time.

3. Shamrock Quiche

A great idea for the creative chef! Carefully cut and shape a disposable pie tins into clovers and start baking.

4. Chorizo and Egg Rainbow Tacos

This more savory rainbow food will fill you up on this sweet morning. These chorizo and egg tacos are great for your older, more sophisticated breakfasters.

5. Easy Rainbow Fruit Tray

Go from cutting board to table and dig in with this easy fruit and dip breakfast.

6. Shamrock-Shaped Toast

Cut your toast freehand or get a cute cookie cutter like this one. Top it off with some avocado to add the color of the day to your plate!

7. Rainbow Pancakes

Not many can resist a good pancake and these ones are particularly tempting in their rainbow brights!  Keep griddle temperatures low to avoid browning the colors. For an even simpler version, try this recipe using rainbow sprinkles.

8. Green Smoothies

Choose one of these tasty recipes and blend up a Leprechaun-green but oh-so-lean morning delight.

9. “Boxty” Potato Pancakes

If you’ve got a hankering for some Irish authenticity, the potato pancake is the place to start. Add some savory sausages and you’ll be shouting “Top o’ the mornin’” to everyone you meet.

10. Cereal

You heard me. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’s perfect for a quick St. Patty’s Day breakfast. Put a few drops of green food coloring in your milk and serve it up ice cold over a bowl of Lucky Charms or Froot Loops!

10 St. Patrick's Day Breakfasts


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