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5 Alternative Ways to Spend Super Bowl Sunday

Not a football fan? I’m not either. I don’t understand the rules, and I certainly don’t have a favorite team. If you’re like me and Super Bowl Sunday is just another Sunday to you, you’re in luck — here are five great ways to spend the day while everyone else is eating way too many greasy nachos.

5 Alternatives to Super Bowl Sunday

5 alternatives to super bowl sunday

1. Start a new series on Netflix streaming.

Watched House of Cards yet? Wondering what all the fuss is over Orange Is the New Black? Find out by spending the day in front of the television just like everyone else – minus the football.

2. Go to a movie.

Even for a newly released movie – like Labor Day with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet (in theaters on January 31) – you likely won’t have to arrive early at the theater to get tickets. Hurray for no lines!

3. Book a dinner reservation.

You know that popular new restaurant that you’ve been dying to go? Chances are that, as long as it’s not a sports pub, on Super Bowl Sunday it will be easy to get a reservation.

4. Shop ’til you drop.

Crowds at the mall will be much smaller than usual. Take advantage of emptier stores and those coveted parking spaces right near the door.

5. Read a good book.

Fire up your Kindle and download one of the latest New York Times‘ best sellers, or check out some of Tipsaholic’s other page-turner recommendations. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Julianne Puckett is the creator of Yankee Kitchen Ninja, a blog about what she calls “stealthy homemaking” — healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, DIY gardening tips and the occasional craft project. A designer, writer and former suburban-dwelling IT professional, she lives in rural Vermont, where she struggles to balance the siren call of her inner farmer with her love of cute shoes and cocktails.



Decorating with the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year: 6 Simple Tricks

Pantone has been designating colors to capture the essence of the coming year since 2000. Every year, they choose “a color that will resonate around the world…a reflection of what people are looking for, what they feel they need that color can help to answer. Not necessarily the hot fashion color of the moment, but a color crossing all areas of design which is an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of the consumers.” (via Pantone’s website)

For 2014, the Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid — a vibrant and enigmatic purple. Pantone’s reasoning behind their choice? It’s modern and versatile, and offers an invitation to innovation. The rosy undertones emanate joy, love and health. Radiant Orchid is also known to encourage creativity and originality — a DIY-er’s dream come true!  Here are some simple tricks for incorporating Radiant Orchid into your home decor.

4 Pantone Color of the Year

6 simple tricks for using radiant orchid

1. Think small  

You may not have the budget, time or even desire to completely overhaul your space. But the good news is YOU DON’T NEED TO! Easy, small changes can make a big difference. Big ticket items don’t need to be changed — even if they aren’t a specifically neutral color. Orchid is a great color that’s versatile and meshes well with many other pallets. Just remember to keep your pallet to two or three colors, and one or two neutrals (with one extra pop of color if you want). This may mean you have to rearrange a few things — take some items to storage or find a new place for them if the pallet gets too busy. Then just add Radiant Orchid to the existing pallet a little at a time.

2. Consider impermanent options

Think about adding to or switching out your current storage items with temporary or portable options. Bar carts, small shelves, or DIY storage options can be found in orchid (like this awesome industrial style cart from Fermob) or painted with your favorite Radiant Orchid hued paint. You could paint just the inside back of a shelving unit, leaving the shelves themselves the original color. Take a look at this fantastic DIY tables turned shelves designed and executed by Isabel Quiroga or just use crates stacked together as shelves, which would be easy to paint any color.

3. Don’t ignore the floor

Rugs are a great way to add visual interest to a space! They ground seating arrangements, add layers and textures, and are easy to change to meet your current decor needs. It can be a very budget-friendly way to add a bright pop of color to any room. Take this super eco-friendly, modern Blue Dot Last Newspaper Rug in bright purple. Perfect!

4. Get warm and cozy

Just about the easiest (and most affordable) way to add new colors or switch colors from time-to-time is through your textiles. So don’t forget about throws, blankets  (which can be folded and stacked, draped over furniture, rolled in baskets or hung on racks) and throw pillows. This super affordable orchid throw with its subtle pattern is great, or if you like a more plush blanket, try this one. As for pillows,  you can find them in just about any design and fabric at most department or home decor stores for a very reasonable price. Check out this velvet stripe pillow. And don’t underestimate the advantages of making your own pillows, too!  Another textile that can easily be changed is your curtains. This can have a dramatic effect as the eye is naturally pulled to windows, doorways and archways. These soft and airy curtains are neutral with pops of Radiant Orchid in them. You can even DIY your own curtains by painting them.

5. Get artistic  

Dress your walls up with spray painted frames. Buy some inexpensive paintings, posters or photographs or make your own art. Then, put items together in a Radiant Orchid inspired gallery wall. Create custom plates in the right hue and design a fun plate wall. Wreaths can also add a fresh and fun look. You can make them from just about anything from feathers, to yarn, to fabric, or even paper!

6. Think thrifty

If you’re afraid of investing a lot of money into a color you may not like or keep around forever, think about buying trinkets and decor at thrift stores or garage sales and then simply spray painting them the perfect purple shade. Krylon “Rich Plum” or Rustoleum “Gloss Grape” are two good options.

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Kimberly Mueller is the “me” over at bugaboo, mini, mr & me, a blog that highlights her creative endeavors. She especially likes to share kid crafts, sewing attempts, recipes, upcycled projects, photography and free printable gift tags/cards. When she’s not enjoying being married to her best friend, chasing after the natives (AKA her three kids) and attempting to keep the house in one piece, you can find her with a glue gun in one hand and spray paint in the other. Aside from DIY pursuits, she also enjoys writing, reading, music, singing (mostly in the shower) and the color yellow. Kimberly recently published a craft book entitled Modern Mod Podge. You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin’ and Instagram. Email her at: bugabooblog(at)

The Best Tips for Winter Hair Care

The winter months can take a toll on your hair. To help you out, here are our seven best tips for winter hair care.
Best Tips for Winter Hair Care


7 best tips for winter hair care

Go longer between washings.

Daily shampooing tends to dry your hair out, which means more frizz and more dandruff in the low humidity of winter. Try using a dry shampoo in-between washings if you feel you can’t go without.


Lukewarm water is best.

When you do need to wash, take this into consideration: the hot water may feel good on your cold skin, but it’s drying out your hair! Bring the water temperature down to lukewarm (or cool if you can tolerate it) when you wash.


Condition, condition, condition!

Invest in a good conditioner and use it at each washing, concentrating on the ends of your hair where static and frizz tend to be the worst. A leave-in conditioner like this one can help keep static to a minimum throughout the day.


Avoid the iron.

Hot straighteners and curling irons (and even blow dryers) burn the already minimal moisture right out of your hair. Take advantage of braid and bun hairstyles if you don’t like the way your hair looks without the tools or use a heat protectant spray before you iron.


Spend time on extra moisturizing.

Consider adding oils that are good for you hair into your washing regimen. If you’re not up to buying hair-specific products, coconut oil, almond oil, and avocado oil are great alternatives. This tutorial at How Does She is a great example of one way to do an oil treatment for healthier tresses.


Treat your hair with a mask.

A great way to spend a Sunday night is taking care of yourself to gear up for the week ahead. A once-weekly hair mask is the perfect beauty solution for hair that has been through the mill. Try one of these simple homemade hair masks from Beauty High.


Wrap it up.

Consider wrapping your hair before bed each night if you still struggle with frizz during the day. A silk scarf tied neatly around your locks will keep moisture in rather than sucking it out. You might also consider switching to a silk pillowcase, as the common cotton variety draws moisture away from your hair as you sleep.


Kayla Lilly is a photographer, writer, wife, and mama making a house a home in eastern Idaho. She met her mister while working at an amusement park and married him a year later after deciding there was no way to live without him. The amusement has continued as they’ve added three kids and a passel of pets to their lives while finishing college and starting a photography business. Drawing inspiration from the whirlwinds of marriage, parenthood, and the media, Kayla blogs at, and spends the rest of her time chasing chickens, organizing junk drawers, diapering toddlers, and photographing everyone willing to step in front of her lens.

5 Tasty Super Bowl Paleo Recipes

Tipsaholic - 5 Tasty Super Bowl Paleo Recipes


Just because you’re trying to eat healthier on a daily basis doesn’t mean that you need to chomp down on salad during the Super Bowl while everyone else enjoys their buffalo chicken wings and cheesy nachos. Here are some fun Super Bowl paleo recipes to try for the big game — they’re hearty, healthy, and delicious!


tipsaholic title divider - 5 tasty super bowl paleo recipes

1. Chile Lime Chicken Wings

I love any recipe that combines lime, cilantro, and coconut aminos, so I can’t wait to try this chicken wing recipe when we host our Super Bowl party. The recipe allows you to choose between using the grill or your oven, so you can serve this regardless if you live in the north or the south.


2. Crockpot Pulled Pork Chili

If you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else cheers on their favorite team, put your crockpot to good use with this amazing pulled pork chili recipe. It’s so easy to make and you’ll end up with a chili that smells and tastes heavenly. However, it’s very spicy, so take it easy with the cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes if you’re a weakling like me or if you have kids. Actually, I just omitted them entirely and it still tasted great, so you could do that too.


3. Loaded Paleo Nachos

I thought there was no way to recreate a plate full of nachos with cheese, meat, and guacamole, but I was one-hundred-percent wrong. This nacho recipe uses sliced sweet potatoes that are baked in the oven as a replacement for tortilla chips. Genius.


4. Paleo Pigs in a Blanket

Tiny sausage links wrapped up in a crescent bread blanket? My husband’s favorite. So you can be sure I’ll be trying this paleo version of the popular Super Bowl dish.


5. Paleo Trail Mix

A bowl of mixed nuts goes very well with beer and hard cider, which is a popular paleo alternative to beer. This recipe is mine and I love it so very much. It’s both sweet and salty and very, very addictive.

1 cup whole almonds
1 cup pecan halves
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine. Spread nut mix on a rimmed cookie sheet and roast for around 15 minutes. Make sure to stir the nuts occasionally and take them out as soon as the nuts begin to brown; they’ll continue to cook for a little while even after they’re out of the oven.

Have fun rooting for your team and eating these yummy Super Bowl paleo recipes! I’ll be doing the same, except I’ll probably be chatting instead of cheering. Just don’t tell my husband.

For more paleo-friendly recipes, try these easy desserts and these quick dinners.


“I’m Elisa and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and our two little girls. I used to teach reading and writing, but now I stay at home with my two kiddos and read and write in my spare time. I also love to undertake DIY projects, find new recipes on Pinterest, and dream about someday finally completing our home. Above all, I love to learn about new things and sharing my new-found knowledge with others.”  Please check out my blog What the Vita!

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: Five Healthy Food Blogs

Tipsaholic - 5 Healthy Food Blogs

Was “eat better” or “eat healthier” one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2014? It’s an annual resolution for so many of us. While our desire and commitment may be strong, sometimes it’s just too hard to find easy-to-make, healthy recipes that still taste delicious. Tipsaholic is here to help by introducing you to five healthy food blogs that can kick-start your menu planning and aid you in sticking to your healthy eating resolution.


tipsaholic title divider - 5 healthy food blogs

1. Healthy Green Kitchen

Winnie of Healthy Green Kitchen is a recipe developer trained in naturopathy. She has been cooking since childhood, as she grew up in a family that owned a renowned restaurant in New York City. In addition to healthy, seasonal recipes, she blogs about organic gardening, backyard chickens and beekeeping. Recent recipes include Homemade Yogurt, Chewy Chocolate Mint Cookies, Honey Soy-Roasted Salmon, Black Bean Chili with Chocolate and Roasted Cherry Tomato Frittata.


2. Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Katie of Healthy Seasonal Recipes is a recipe developer with a degree in Culinary Arts whose focus is eating seasonally and in moderation. So while she goes crazy for beets and arugula, she doesn’t shy away from bacon or Philly cheesesteaks. Recent recipes include Thai-Style Fish Cakes, Cheese and Greens Omelets, Cheddar Creamed Spinach, Chicken and Biscuit Casserole and Sweet Potato Marshmallow S’Mores Cookies.


3. The Lemon Bowl

Liz of The Lemon Bowl writes that she features easy, seasonal recipes “that just so happen to be good for you.” Having achieved significant weight loss through healthy eating and exercise, she is an advocate on her blog for helping others reach their goals via her healthy recipes. Recent recipes include Easy Beef and Broccoli, Blueberry Kale Smoothie, Slow Cooker Banana Nut Oatmeal, Sweet Potato and Corn Hash and Mexican Turkey Soup.


4. Recipe Renovator

Stephanie of Recipe Renovator specializes in taking delicious recipes and remaking them with healthier ingredients – without sacrificing the flavor. She’s a trained nutrition educator with over 30 years of cooking experience. Recent recipes include Chunky Tomato Sauce, Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole, Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies, Pumpkin Risotto and Strawberry-Almond Salad with Balsamic Fig Dressing.


5. Skinny Taste

Gina of Skinny Taste features delicious, low-fat recipes the whole family will enjoy. Her emphasis is on healthy recipes that don’t skimp on flavor – making them both “skinny” and “tasty”, as her blog’s name implies. Recent recipes include Crockpot Balsamic Pork Roast, Easy Macaroni Casserole, Three Cheese Tortellini and Mushroom Soup, Cauliflower Tots and Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.

feature image via Healthy Seasonal Recipes


Julianne Puckett is the creator of Yankee Kitchen Ninja, a blog about what she calls “stealthy homemaking” — healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, DIY gardening tips and the occasional craft project. A designer, writer and former suburban-dwelling IT professional, she lives in rural Vermont, where she struggles to balance the siren call of her inner farmer with her love of cute shoes and cocktails.

3 Playlists for Running a 12-minute Mile

The perfect playlist is essential to a good run. A song’s tempo or motivating lyrics are sometimes all you need to push just a little bit harder, to run just a little bit faster. To satisfy the wide genre of musical tastes, here are three playlists timed for those aiming to run a 12-minute mile.

3 Playlists for Running a 12-minute Mile - #running #workout

Tipsaholic 3 playlists for running a 12-minute mile

Playlist 1 – Retro Classics

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor – 4:03

“Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves – 3:58

“The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & The News – 3:54


Playlist 2 – Indie Rock

“It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons – 3:58

“Take a Walk” – Passion Pit – 4:25

“Home” by Phillip Phillips – 3:30


Playlist 3 – Country Gals

“Get Over Yourself” by SHeDAISY – 3:24

“Long Time Gone” by Dixie Chicks – 4:09

“Nothing Better To Do” by LeAnn Rimes – 4:26


About the Author: Clarissa Fidler is a 20-something trying to find her place in this world. She grew up in Seattle, attended college in Utah, and now calls Chicago home. In her free time you’ll find her reading the New York Times, cuddling with her cat Harper, catching up on her favorite blogs, running along Lake Michigan, or checking out a new restaurant.  If you’d like to read more by Clarissa, check out her blog West Hawthorne Place.

4 Tips for Shopping on Craigslist

Buying second hand is a great way to save money and help out the environment, too. Besides thrift stores and yard sales, a great place to shop is on Craigslist. If you live near a large city, it’s likely that city will have a local Craigslist classifieds site. Craigslist is great for so many things such as buying used (and even new) household items and furniture, finding jobs, etc. Today I want to give you four helpful tips to keep in mind when shopping on Craigslist.


Tipsaholic - 4 tips for shopping on Craigslist

Tipsaholic 4 Tips for Shopping on Craigslist

1) Safety First: Keep in mind that not everyone on Craigslist may be as honest as you are. It’s always smart to stay safe. Never send money online via PayPal or any other method. Always meet face-to-face and only deal with cash. Be sure to bring someone else with you or at the very least meet somewhere where there are people around and tell people where you’re going. Most people don’t have any problems buying items on Craigslist, but it’s best to play it safe.

2) Search Smart: Searching is part of the game of Craigslist. If you’re looking for a new dining table, think of all the different words you could use to search for one. For example, “dining table”, “diningtable”, “kitchen table”, “dining set” or just “table”. People describe things differently so if you’re not finding what you’re looking for try a few more searches and you just might find the perfect piece!

3) Check Back Often: It can take days, weeks or even months to find the perfect piece. If you check back daily, you have the best chance at scoring exactly what you’re looking for at the best price on Craigslist. The best, most sought after pieces will go fast, so checking for them constantly will give you a better chance of getting to it before someone else.

4) The Inspection: It can be exciting to find the special piece you’re looking for, but don’t forget to inspect the item before buying it. Often times sellers will leave out small imperfections that you might catch. This can help in negotiations. It never hurts to offer what you think is a fair price, especially if you find some damage that you’ll either have to live with or repair.

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Aileen is a wife, entrepreneur and animal lover. She lives in a small California town, with her husband and a handful of pets, where she spends her days designing blogs and running her online boutique. You can find more at Life by Aileen where she talks about chasing dreams and her attempts at a simpler life.

Six Household Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most versatile things in your cupboard. It can be used in lieu of dozens of specialized household products. Here are just a few ways a bottle of vinegar can freshen up your home.

 Six Household Uses for Vinegar


6 household Uses for Vinegar

Cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces

Kitchens and bathrooms have two things in common: they’re the two rooms that seem to get the dirtiest the fastest, and they’re the two rooms that you want to be as clean as possible. Vinegar’s ability to disinfect and remove unpleasant odors makes it an ideal product to use in both. In the kitchen, you’ll find that vinegar will cut through grease on stovetops and range hoods; in the bathroom, it will get rid of both mildew and mildew stains. For most cleaning purposes, a mixture of 4 parts hot water and 1 part vinegar will do the job. For extra grungy surfaces, use vinegar undiluted.

Cleaning appliances

For the same reasons listed above—disinfecting, deodorizing, and cutting through tough grime—vinegar is great for cleaning out the insides of microwaves and refrigerators. In fact, it’s a better choice than other household cleaning products, since it won’t leave a chemical residue that might leach into your food. Two parts hot water, one part vinegar, and a squirt of dish soap will leave the insides of your appliances sparkling. Bonus: undiluted vinegar is great for polishing stainless steel, so you can use it on the outside of your fridge too!

Dissolving mineral deposits from hard water

Whether it’s a ring inside the toilet, crust on a shower head, or buildup in your dishwasher, vinegar can take care of it. For bathroom buildup, soak the problem area with undiluted vinegar to soften it before scrubbing it away. Run a quick cycle with nothing in the dishwasher but a small bowl full of vinegar on the top rack.

Unclogging and deodorizing drains

Got a stinky garbage disposal or a slow-draining tub? Vinegar to the rescue! Try pouring ½ cup of salt and 2 cups of boiling vinegar in, then rinsing with warm water. If that doesn’t do the trick, use baking soda instead of salt.

Removing sticker residue

Peeling off a price tag is rarely as easy as just peeling it off. More often than not, you’re left with some sticker remnants that just won’t come off. Try wiping that stubborn mess with a damp washcloth and some vinegar. So much better!

Freshening, softening, and brightening laundry

There’s little need for expensive bleaches and fabric softeners when you have some white vinegar on hand. Add a cup to the rinse cycle of your laundry and you’ll see some incredible results: brighter whites, less lint and static, and softer fabrics. Vinegar is especially great on funky smelling towels, dishrags, or cloth diapers, since it kills any bacteria and helps eliminate any lingering odors.

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