32 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Want to reduce the amount of sweets that your kids get on Easter but still want to give them a fun basket? Check out these 32 non-candy Easter basket ideas! Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas via tipsaholic.com #easter #eggs #basket #easterbasket

32 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas
Everybody knows that Easter is all about the chocolate bunny and his marshmallow chick friends, right? Well, if you would like to reduce the amount of sweets that your kids get on Easter but you still want to gift them a fun basket filled with goodies, here are 32 non-candy Easter basket ideas that you can feel good about giving your kids.


Easter Basket Ideas for Outdoor Play

Easter is a holiday that is strongly associated with spring and the spring season means warmer weather… and lots of outdoor fun! Build anticipation for what the warmer season will bring with Easter basket gifts that they will use outdoors.

  • Sidewalk chalk. These egg-shaped sidewalk chalk is perfect for Easter.
  • Rain boots. They are fun to wear, especially on warm and rainy days.
  • Kite. A big one is always fun, but a smaller, cheaper kite is still fun for a full day outside if you plan to be outside on Easter.
  • Water Bottle. Give each kid their own water bottle in their favorite color.
  • Frisbee. Or any other outdoor toy that your kids can use to play with each other.
  • Badminton Set. This is an outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy!
  • Jump rope. This rainbow jump rope screams Easter!


Easter Basket Ideas for Swimming Fun

If you live in an area where it’s warm enough to go swimming as early as March or April, get your kids excited about family trips to the pool or beach with a couple of swimming-themed Easter basket gifts!

  • New swimwear. You’ll probably need to buy new ones for your growing kids every year anyway, so why not include them in their Easter basket to make them a little more special?
  • Pool and beach toys. You could even use a sand bucket as the Easter basket!
  • Sunglasses. Novelty Easter-themed sunglasses are fun, but a great pair that your kid can wear all spring and summer is even better.
  • Hat. A cute beach hat or a fun baseball cap would fit well in an Easter basket!
  • Sunscreen. Try this delicious smelling sunscreen!
  • Towels. There are so many colorful towels out there that your kids will love, such as this shark towel and this pink octopus towel.
  • Water gun. Tiny water guns or a bigger, powerful water gun are both fun Easter basket ideas.
  • Water shoes. Great for your kids if you love going to natural water swimming holes.
  • Flip flops. Everyone needs at least a pair!


Arts and Crafts Easter Basket Ideas

Flex your kids’ artistic muscles by including arts and crafts in their Easter basket! Use this as an opportunity to restock any art tools that you might be running out of, such as crayons, markers, and paintbrushes. Here are some more art-related ideas for your kids’ baskets.

  • Stickers. Easter-themed stickers are always good, but animal and floral stickers would be a great way to teach about animals and plants that are born or planted during the Spring and aren’t too themed so they can use the stickers year-round.
  • Play clay. These play-doh eggs are a lot of fun.
  • Stamps. Add to your stamp collection with these Easter-themed stamps.
  • Temporary Tattoos. Art is art, whether they exist on paper or on your kid’s arm.
  • Crayons. If you’re up for some DIY, make these cute Easter crayons! You’ll need a silicone mold and lots of broken crayons.


Easter Basket Ideas for the Garden

Teach your kids about gardening and growing their own food with some great gardening gifts in their Easter basket.

  • Seeds. Give your kids some fruit or vegetable seeds to plant in your garden or in their own pot at home. Or you could give them some flower seeds to plant in your yard to improve your curb appeal.
  • Gardening tools: shears, gloves, spade, fork, etc. Young kids will love these tools and play happily in the dirt, while older kids can use them to plant and take care of the seeds that you give them.
  • Pots. You could give them a couple of small pots and some paint (to decorate the pots) along with some dirt and seeds for a complete gardening gift that they’ll love finding in their Easter basket.
  • Chia pet. These things are so fun and would be a great introduction to the wonders of growing a plant to a younger child.


Other Ideas for the Easter Basket

Here are some extra non-candy ideas for the Easter basket!

  • Crazy straws. Colorful crazy straws are affordable and fun.
  • Kids cookbook and an apron. For the budding cook!
  • Cookies in a jar. Include all the dry ingredients for your child’s favorite cookie recipe along with some cookie cutters. Hey, cookies aren’t candy.
  • Board game or card game. Find a good game that will fit in a basket. Spot It! is great for all ages and it’s perfectly sized for an Easter basket!
  • Mad Libs. Try this one for Easter, or this one for younger kids.
  • Flashlight. Kids love them. Include batteries in their new flashlights so they can start using them right away.
  • Money. The gift that always fits. Fold your dollars into bunnies for even more fun.


What other non-candy gifts do you like to include in your kids’ Easter baskets that aren’t listed here?

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