5 Disney Princess Party Ideas

Many little girls dream of being a princess. Here are 5 Disney princess party ideas that will inspire your next birthday party for your little princess via tipsaholic.com #princess #party #birthday #disney #disneyprincess #girls


5 Disney Princess Party Ideas

Many little girls dream of being a princess in a Disney movie. Grant them their dream for a day by throwing them a Disney princess party based on their favorite Disney movie! Here are 5 Disney princess party ideas that hopefully will inspire your next birthday party for your little princess.

Brave Birthday Party Ideas

The story of Brave’s heroine, Merida, is inspirational for any little girl who values her independence. It’s also a sweet story about the relationship of a mother and a daughter. Monica’s Brave-inspired 5th birthday party for her daughter Kira is largely based on the Highland Games scene in the movie, where the suitors compete for Merida’s hand only to be beaten by Merida herself. The party is so full of great ideas for a Brave-themed party, including:

  • A celtic-themed invite (there’s a blank template for you to use).
  • Lawn signs for every event made with computer paper, foam core, and metal yard stakes.
  • An outdoor canopy decorated with banners and a family crest.
  • Games based on the Highland Games, such as Log Carry, Colorful Archery, crown decorating, and more.
  • Chicken legs for guests to nosh on.
  • Yellow-green “Cauldron Punch” to resemble Merida’s potion.
  • Bear paw cookies, with almond silvers as claws.
  • A birthday cake decorated like a bulls eye.
  • Cotton candy wisps as favors.

Check out the Brave-themed birthday party for more Disney princess party ideas and lots of great photos!

The Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

It’s often been said that the ocean is another world, which is probably why so many kids love the movie The Little Mermaid! Filled with amazing sea creatures, especially the mermaid Ariel herself, the beloved Disney movie is a favorite of many. Throw your daughter an exciting Little Mermaid-themed birthday party, just like Jenn did for her 3-year-old daughter. This party is so sweet and filled with many adorable Disney princess party ideas, such as:

  • Sandwiches cut out in the shape of starfish.
  • A birthday cake decorated like the waves of the sea. With Ariel on top, of course.
  • A fun jello fish bowl!
  • A mermaid tail craft where guests decorated their own mermaid tail!
  • Pin the Tail on the Mermaid game.
  • A sweet birthday girl headband complete with a star fish.
  • The birthday girl all dressed up as Ariel.

Go over here to see all the photos and ideas from this Little Mermaid-themed birthday party! Also, you can find even more ideas for a mermaid birthday party here.

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas

Tangled, the Disney movie adaption of the story of Rapunzel, is a breathtaking (and funny!) fairy tale that has captured the imagination of little girls everywhere. And best of all, it has so many details that can be easily translated into an amazing birthday party. Check out Attalie’s crazy great Tangled-themed birthday party to get lots and lots of fun Disney princess party ideas! Here are some:

  • Birthday party invitations complete with Rapunzel’s famous blond braided hair.
  • A giant braid hanging on the front door to welcome guests.
  • Hazelnut soup for guests to eat. Yes, there’s a mention of hazelnut soup in the movie!
  • Cupcakes decorated with beautiful flowers on top.
  • Jello cups with orange slices and purple triangles on a stick to resemble a boat on water, based on the scene where Rapunzel and Flynn are on a boat.
  • A Cupcake Tower made with pecan rolls, muffins, and waffle cones. And lots of icing.
  • Pascal Party Blowers, a party craft made with party blowers!
  • Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider game.
  • Sun-shaped sugar cookies, decorated by guests.
  • Chalk art on the sidewalk.
  • And the amazing finale: a real paper lantern send-off!

See all the photos and more Disney princess party ideas here and here!

Princess and the Frog Birthday Party Ideas

The delightful Disney movie Princess and the Frog puts a fun spin on the traditional fairy tale of the princess kissing a frog and getting the prince — in the movie, the princess turns into a frog herself! The beautiful setting of New Orleans can be translated into a beautiful party, like Elizabeth’s 5th birthday party. Some ideas from this Princess and the Frog-themed birthday party include:

  • Lots of flowers everywhere to resemble the Bayou!
  • A beautiful birthday cake complete with soft greens and purples and fleur-de-lis symbols.
  • A spread of delicious food that could be cooked by Tiana herself.
  • Pin the Kiss on the Frog game.
  • A frog pinata, complete with a cute little prince crown!
  • Cooking aprons for all the guests with their initials.
  • Frog cookie cutters for the guests.
  • Hot Frog game.

There are so many beautiful photos of the party here and you’ll find more Disney princess party ideas there, complete with tutorials!

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Any list of Disney princess birthday party ideas couldn’t be complete without Disney’s latest hit, Frozen! Fortunately for you, there are so many ideas out there to create a wonderful Frozen-themed birthday party. Check out these 26 Frozen party ideas and create your own party!

The magical world of Disney is just so inspiring and I look forward to more movies in the future that will spawn many more amazing birthday party ideas! Share your favorite Disney princess party ideas in the comments!

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