5 Fun Valentine Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Looking for an alternative to the typical roses and candlelit dinner this year?  Valentine dates can be full of fun and creativity. 5 Fun Valentine Date Ideas That Won't Break the Bank via @tipsaholic #valentines #valentinedate #date #romance #valentinesday


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Looking for an alternative to the typical roses and candlelit dinner this year?  Valentine’s Day dates can be full of fun and creativity, and don’t have to cost a lot either!  We’ve got 5 awesome dates for you that you can tweak to fit your own style. Check out these fun date ideas that won’t break the bank!


1. M&M Bowling – A simple bag of M&M’s can take your bowling game up a notch!  Before each turn, you pick a candy out of the bag without looking, then check the “color code key” to see how you should bowl that round based on the color of the M&M!  You can come up with your own key and write it out – with ideas like “RED = granny style,” “BLUE = with your non-dominant hand,” “GREEN = backwards,” etc – or find a color code that you can print out and use, like this one from the Dating Divas!  To make it more Valentine-themed, you could create a color code key to correspond to a Valentine bag of M&M’s, or add rules like “For every strike, kiss your date and for every spare, hug your date!” All this date will cost is one game of bowling and a bag of M&M’s!


2. Drive-In Theatre – All you need for this date night is a laptop or portable DVD player with a lot of battery life!  Find a romantic or meaningful spot and set up your “drive-in movie” by spreading a blanket and pillows and getting the movie ready to play.  Make sure you have favorite movie snacks and drinks – or more romantic fare – ready to go.  Have your date meet you in the designated spot, then cuddle up together and watch your show!  Some ideas for special spots – a park or beach, near or in a well-known wooded area, a family or friend’s land (if they own a farm, live in the country or have lots of trees this is ideal!), or even your own backyard!


3. Ding-Dong Ditch Treats – Baking together can be incredibly fun and romantic!  Bake up some delicious Valentine’s Day treats and make a few goodie boxes.  Attach a tag or card to each one, then deliver them anonymously to your friends or neighbors.  Do it together – one of you place the treats on the step and the other ring the bell, then run like mad!  When you’re finished passing out goodies, return home to eat some yourself!  You’ll make Valentine’s Day fun for you, your honey and a bunch of other people too!  Not sure what to make?  Try these cute Valentine’s Day Cookie Pops!


4. Love Letter Review – Break open the memory box and dust off your old love letters!  Tie them up in a pretty package, then whisk your honey off to a romantic spot and open them up.  Take turns reading your love letters out loud to each other.  It’ll be a great reminder of all the reasons you love each other – past and present!  When you’re finished reading, take a few moments to pen a new love letter, then seal it up to be opened next Valentine’s Day.  This date could easily be paired with other date ideas – such as visiting a spot from your past (where you met or first kissed for example) or taking a romantic picnic for two to eat while you read.  Bonus: this date is FREE!


5. “Let’s Do It Again” Hunt – Why not set up a treasure hunt memorializing all the special “first’s” in your relationship?  For instance: meet for the date in the exact spot you first saw or met.  Eat dinner in the same restaurant you had your first date. Kiss in the same spot you had your first kiss.  Dance together where you had your first dance.  Exchange simple gifts sitting where you were when you said “I love you” for the first time.  You can include as many “first’s” and milestones as you’d like, just make sure to leave a card with a clue to the next location at each spot.  For a twist, you could leave a photo of the next spot instead of a written clue!  Here are some more ideas and tips for a romantic scavenger hunt.

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