6 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

It can be tough to lose weight when you already have a lot of other things on your plate like work, hobbies or family. Here are some simple tips that you can use in every day life to burn or save some extra calories.

6 Simple Ways to Lose Weight - Tipsaholic.com

6 simple ways to lose weight - Tipsaholic.com

1. Find exercise in daily life

Whether you just can’t find the time or motivation to exercise or you’re already at the gym five days a week, find ways in your daily life to burn a few extra calories. Take the stairs or park your car farther away are two simple, but widely known ways to fit some extra cardio in your day. If you work at a desk, get up every hour to take a quick walk around the office or to get a drink of water.

2. Use smaller plates

Dinner plates are gigantic these days. If you use a small salad plate instead and load that up, you’ll think you’re eating more because the plate is full. Plus, if you’re using a large plate it’s easy to over-serve yourself. With a smaller plate, there’s a chance to stop and think if you’re really still hungry before going in for seconds.

3. Drink water all day

Not only is staying hydrated good for you, it’ll help you eat less. Often people will mistake thirst for hunger. Keep a glass or bottle of water next to you all day and you will drink it because it’s close. Before you sit down to eat a meal, drink at least half a glass of water and there won’t be enough room to over eat without feeling extremely full.

4. Save it for later

Whether you’re at a restaurant or at home, keep a reasonable portion on your plate and pack the rest up for later. As soon as the waiter brings your food to the table, ask for a to-go box and stash half of it away. If you’re at home, quickly serve yourself and then put the rest away to deter yourself from going in for second.

5. Snack

Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism going and prevents you from feeling famished at meal times. If you keep healthy snacks around there’s less of a chance that you’ll go looking for food between meals and end up eating something unhealthy.

6. Eat your vegetables

Your mother told you to, but you may or may not have listened. Load your plate up with veggies! Pile vegetables on your plate first and then everything else rather than the opposite. If you fill your plate half way with vegetables first, there’s only half a plate left for everything else.


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