6 Tips for Hiking with Kids

A walk in the woods as a family is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and spend time together. Here are 6 tips for hiking with kids. 6 Tips for Hiking with Kids via @tipsaholic #hiking #kids #summerfamilyactivities #summer #hike

6 Tips for Hiking with Kids

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A walk in the woods on a beautiful day is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids. Everyone gets to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. And it is a way to slow things down a bit and just spend some time together with your kids. To make it a successful adventure, here are 6 tips for hiking with kids.


  1. Get the right gear. The right kind of shoes is essential. You will need something sturdy that can handle whatever kind of terrain you encounter. Plus, you will need a backpack to carry some gear. Even for a day hike, you will need to have some essentials on hand such as a first aid kit, a few granola bars and other snacks, and water bottles. Lastly, don’t forget a camera to capture all the memories.


  1. Start out small. Kids will need to get use to walking long distance, and you need to judge what they can handle based on their age. A walk along a path at a local park is a good way to begin (Plus, the kids will also get a chance to break in those new hiking shoes). Then work your way up to more strenuous hiking trails.


  1. Bring a map. It is always a good idea to keep one on hand just in case. Even if you know the way, sometimes you can get turned around, and a map will definitely come in handy. Get the kids involved and let them read the map and take turns navigating the trail.


  1. Have activities on hand to keep the kids occupied. Sing some silly songs…there won’t be many people in the woods to hear, so have some fun with it! Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt to encourage the kids to explore as they walk. Give them a notebook and a pencil, so the kids can document their observations by drawing a picture or writing out a list. By adding some fun to the day, you can keep the kids engaged in the journey.


  1. Take a break. Working in some down time during the hike will give kids (and grown-ups) a chance to rest their feet.


  1. Enjoy the journey. A hike with kids is a time to talk and to listen. Take the time to look around and really notice the nature around you. Remember the destination is only half the fun.


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