7 Tips for a Kid’s Lemonade Stand

Want to get keep the kids busy this summer and encourage their entrepreneurial spirit? Hosting a lemonade stand would be a great way to do this. 7 Tips for a Kid's Lemonade Stand via @tipsaholic #lemonade #lemonadestand #kids #summerfamilyactivities

7 Tips for a Kid's Lemonade Stand

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Want to keep the kids busy this summer and encourage their entrepreneurial spirit? Hosting a lemonade stand would be a great way to do this. The kids get to learn a little about running a business, practice their manners and social skills, make a little money, and have a great time! Check out these tips for how to help the kids host a lemonade stand this summer.


1. Help the kids decide how they will make their lemonade stand and what they need to put it together. From a simple table with a bright colored table cloth to a DIY wooden stand with a lemonade stand sign up above, the only limit is the kids imagination (and your DIY skills).


2.  Make a signature drink. Skip the premade powder mixes, and let the kids get creative with their own lemonade recipe. Start with the basic recipe below, and then let them add their own twist such as a fruit flavoring, fun shaped ice (made with a special ice tray), or a piece of candy like a lemonhead dropped into the drink.

  • 1 ½ cups freshly-squeezed juice (about 5-6 large lemons)
  • 1 ½ cups powdered sugar
  • 8 cups water
    Mix the three ingredients well and serve over ice


3.  Make a list of all the supplies needed, such as ingredients, cups, napkins, etc., and take the kids shopping. Talk about using coupons or finding things on sale since all the money spent upfront will come out of their profits in the end.


4. Use this opportunity to discuss the basics of running a business. Who knew talking about supply and demand could be fun? Help them set a price point that people will buy at but still generates a revenue. Plus, this would be a great time to talk about what the kids will do with the profits. Suggesting they keep some to spend, but also set aside certain amounts to save and to donate to a charity of their choice.


5.  Pick a good location to let the kids set up the lemonade stand with both foot traffic (ie potential customers) and safety in mind. Your font yard would probably be the best place, but if it is possible, try to find a place where a large amount of people would be walking by like near a playground or park. Also, think about the best time of day when people will be out and about. And of course pick a day to host the lemonade stand when you have good weather. On a hot sunny day, people will be looking for a way to cool down and a glass of cold lemonade will be just the thing!


6. Get the word out. Let your friends and neighbors know that the kids will be hosting a lemonade stand and ask them to help spread the word. Make signs for both the lemonade stand and to set up for advertising nearby, like at the end of your driveway or at the entrance to your subdivision.


7.  As much as possible, let the kids run the show. This is a great time for them to practice their social skills and manners when dealing with customers. Also, if they do most of the work, the kids will get the satisfaction of a job well done and have a fun time while doing it.



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