8 Easy and Meaningful Family Valentine’s Day Activities

Never know what to do with the family on Valentine's Day? Looking for something new to try? Here are 8 Easy and Meaningful Family Valentine’s Day Activities via @tipsaholic #valentine #family #kids #valentinesday 8 Easy and Meaningful Family Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is mostly celebrated between couples and in classrooms all over the country, but it’s not generally viewed as a family celebration. Change that with these 8 sweet but simple family Valentine’s Day activities you can do with your whole family. They don’t require much work, but they definitely will make for a really nice day with your loved ones and will become cherished memories for years to come.

1. Have a chocolate fondue party.

After dinner, get the family together and whip up a simple chocolate fondue for everyone to share! Cut up various fruits and add a few treats, like cheesecake pieces and marshmallows, and let everyone dig in the chocolate and enjoy the dessert with each other. Try this easy recipe. You don’t have to have an electric fondue maker for this; a stove pot will do the trick just fine. Invite another family over for even more fun and family love.

2. Go out for a special dessert.

Is there a local cupcake bakery in your town that you save for special days? Or a favorite ice cream spot? Pack up the whole family and go out for a Valentine’s Day treat. Often, dessert places serve special Valentine-themed desserts, so this could be a fun way to try a new dessert. Take a lot of pictures, chat with each other, and end the night with full tummies and big smiles.

3. Enjoy looking at family pictures together with a slideshow or photo books.

Use a projector or Apple TV to let the whole family enjoy a slideshow of family pictures you’ve put together. It doesn’t have to require a whole lot of prep; you could just go through all the photos month by month and let everyone take turns pressing the “next” button. If you have lots of photo books already printed out, you could look through that instead — spread out in the living room and bring out all your photo books for everyone to look through together.

4. Make each other homemade Valentine’s Day gifts.

If your family likes to give and receive gifts, you could agree to make each other something homemade for Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas: a decorated picture frame, Valentine’s Day DIY decor, a painting, homemade earrings, and freshly baked cookies.

5. Create Valentine’s Day cards for your neighbors.

Everybody loves to receive a sweet card on Valentine’s Day and that includes your neighbors. Have your family get together and make fun homemade cards for your favorite neighbors and put them in their mailboxes or at their front doors.

6. Assign a dish to every person to cook for a big family dinner.

If you have older kids, you could assign every person in your family a dish to cook for a fun Valentine’s Day dinner. One person could make the appetizer, another the salad, one could do a vegetable side and one could grill the meat, and so on.

7. Play Minute to Win It, Valentine’s Day style.

Have a large family that loves to play games? Play these fun Minute to Win It Valentine’s Day party games for a night full of laughter and hilarity. Be sure to take lots of pictures to capture all the fun you have.

8. Paint a map of your heart.

This is a sweet activity for the family that likes to do art together. Give every person a piece of paper with dots of dried watercolor paint and have them draw and paint what they love. When everyone is finished, you could share your maps to your hearts with each other. This is a simple activity that could be done first thing in the morning or after dinner.

Now I’m really looking forward to February 14! What other family activities would be perfect for Valentine’s Day?

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