16 Tips to do Fitness as a Family

16 tips to do Fitness as a Family @ Tipsaholic.com #family #fitness #exercise

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Fitness as a family is a great way to spend time together and get in some exercise. Here are sixteen tips to get everyone up and moving.

Find indoor activities for those cold or rainy days

  • Roller skate or ice skate at the local indoor rink
  • Turn up the music and dance around the living room
  • Create an obstacle course with chairs from the kitchen and couch cushions from the living room. Use the cooking timer to see who completes the course the fastest.
  • Call out animal names and have the family members act them out. Cat crawling, crab walking and Bird wing-flapping gets everyone moving.

Get moving outside

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.
  • Make a list of things you might see outside, and as you walk through the local park, have the kids check them off.
  • Plan a day trip to a nearby recreation area or state park where the family can hike on a trail or take a canoe trip.
  • Find a pick-your-own vegetable farm or orchard. Your family will burn some calories and get healthy food to take home.

Change it up

  • Participating in a new sport that no one else has tried before. Volleyball or badminton, anyone?
  • Go old school by teaching the kids hopscotch, red light/green light or kick the can
  • Get out the jump rope and have each family member take turns turning the rope or jumping in the middle. Learn a few skipping rope songs to add to the fun.
  • Next leisurely pool day, challenge the kids to a freestyle swimming race across the pool.

Make Exercise fun

  • Put a small bowl of popcorn on the floor. As you lower yourself down into a pushup, stick out your tongue to get a piece of popcorn from the bowl. Rise back up, and then repeat the push up for more popcorn treats.
  • Play freeze tag. When someone is “frozen”, they jog in place.
  • Have one family member blow bubbles, everyone else does jumping jacks and tries to “catch” the bubbles as they clap their hands above their head.
  • Join a community fun run or walk. An added benefit is your family will be raising money for a good cause while getting fit.


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7 Fun Bridal Shower Games

7 Fun Bridal Shower Games | Tipsaholic.com #wedding #shower #bridal #entertaining #games #activities

Bridal showers are traditionally for showering a bride with gifts, but bridal shower games add a whole lot of fun to a bridal shower. To make your next bridal shower a success, here are 7 fun bridal shower games that will keep your party exciting and memorable for everyone, especially for the bride!

1. Love Bingo

There are many variations of the “how well do you know the bride and the groom” game, but this Bingo game is interactive and includes props. Give every guest a BINGO card with numbers on them and two paddles in two different colors, with the bride’s name on one and the groom’s name on another. Put various facts about the bride and groom on strips of paper with numbers on them, throw them in a basket, and pick up one at a time. Players guess the correct answer by holding up one of their paddles. It’s a lot of fun to see what others guessed and to learn more about the bride and the groom.

2. Why Do We Do That?

Weddings are full of traditions, from wearing something blue to throwing the bouquet. But how did these traditions start? Find out by playing the Why Do We Do That? game at your next bridal shower! This game is very simple, but educational! If your guests love trivia, you could consider playing a longer game with this Bridal Shower Trivia card game.

3. DIY Wedding Dress

Divide your guests into teams and give them white materials to create a DIY wedding dress on one person in each group, from toilet paper, white tissue paper, feathers, glitter, newspaper, and whatever else you can think of. Don’t forget tape and/or glue. Give them a limited amount of time to create their wedding dress and then have your bride choose the best dress. You could even have every team have “design consultations” with the bride to find what she wants in a dress, for more bride involvement. Another variation on this game is to have every team create an aspect of the wedding dress, like the veil or the skirt, and put them all on the bride for an awesome photo op.

4. Wedding Poem Contest

This is another team competition that will result in an added entertainment at the wedding, if your bride agrees to this! We did this at a friend’s wedding shower and my team won, so we performed our Wedding Poem at her wedding reception and it was such a hit! Divide your guests into teams and give them a limited time to create a wedding poem, rap, or song. Have each team perform to the bride and let her choose the winner. And then let everyone enjoy the winning poem/rap/song at the wedding reception!

5. Guess Who I Am

This is a great game that will have everyone laughing and becoming more close to each other at the end of the game. Guests write down a favorite memory with the bride without leaving their names and then the bride reads them out loud to everyone. The bride will guess who wrote the memory. If she gets it wrong, the guest gets a prize.

6. What Is She Wearing?

Ask the bride to leave for a few minutes and give a sketching paper and colored pencils to everyone. Have them draw the bride and what she is wearing that day. Guests will have to depend on their memory to draw every detail of the bride’s appearance, from her hairdo down to her shoes! Once everyone is done, have the bride come in and let everyone vote on the best sketch that includes the most correct details. Finally, give all the sketches to the bride to keep as a great memento!

7. My First Kiss

Have everyone tell the story of their first kiss! It can be the story of their first kiss ever or their first kiss with their current boyfriend/husband. Once everyone has told their story, have everyone vote on the best story, funniest story, most romantic story, etc. This game will definitely draw out a lot of laughter and maybe even a few tears.


Rather than focusing on the gifts, bridal shower games bring the attention to the bride and the friendships and love she shares with her guests. Have you played some of these bridal shower games before? What are your favorite games to play at a bridal shower?


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6 Ice Activities For Kids At Home

6 Ice Activities for Kids to do at Home | Tipsaholic.com #games #activities #kids #ice #summer


Cool down this summer with these ice activities that you can do with your children at home! From ice bowling to ice excavations, it’s amazing how versatile (and fun!) ice can be.


1. Ice Bowling

Bowling is a fun activity that kids of all ages love, but it’s even more fun with a bowling ball that’s made of ice! Make your ice bowling ball by filling up a balloon with water and freezing it overnight. You could add a few drops of food coloring to make a colorful ball. Then set up your pins made of water bottles filled with water and food coloring and let your kids play! If your “bowling alley” is concrete, try watering it down to help the ice bowling ball roll better.



2. Frozen Water Beads Play

Ice activities for toddlers and preschoolers are great to do outside when it’s hot. This frozen water beads play activity includes a ball of ice that has water beads imbedded in it. Have your child hold it, dip it in a tank of water, and move it around to let it melt. Gradually, the water beads will come out and your kid will feel accomplished after all of his hard work!



3. Ice Chalk

Drawing on concrete driveways and sidewalks with chalk is one of the many pleasures of childhood. Take it up a notch this summer by making ice chalk for your kids to draw with. What’s more, there are so many different ways to make ice chalk, as evidenced here. Get creative with the shape and colors of your ice chalk!



4. Arctic Ice Sensory Play

If your child loves to play with animal figurines, this ice activity will be a hit! Freeze a small tank of water, but put in a small plastic bowl to make a hole in the ice before you put it in the freezer. Then when the water is froze, pull out a bowl and pour in lukewarm water to create an arctic environment. Bring in arctic animals and let your kid use their imagination.


5. Painting on Ice

What kid doesn’t like to paint? But painting on ice is just a bit cooler. This ice activity is something they can do when it’s too hot outside to play or to cool down after a long day in the sun. Freeze a pie pan filled with a mixture of water and baking soda and then have your kids paint on it. When the ice is all painted, rinse the paint off with water and you’ll have a new blank slate for more art! Paint, paint, and paint until all the ice has melted away.



6. Ice Excavations

These ice excavations are similar to the frozen water beads play, but they are perfect for older children who love to experiment with various tools. The basic idea is to freeze a group of items in a big block of ice and give kids a few tools to melt down the ice to reach the items. Tools could include a turkey baster, Kosher salt, play syringes, wooden spoons, and whatever else you can find. You could freeze a rainbow ice tower with bead necklaces and other colorful items, a large square of ice filled with plastic toys found around the house, or small ice squares that hold dinosaur bones inside. How fun!


Try these ice activities to cool down the kids and to give you a few minutes of summer relaxation. What other ice activities have you seen or tried in the past? Share away!

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“I’m Elisa and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and our two little girls. I used to teach reading and writing, but now I stay at home with my two kiddos and read and write in my spare time. I also love to undertake DIY projects, find new recipes on Pinterest, and dream about someday finally completing our home. Above all, I love to learn about new things and sharing my new-found knowledge with others.”  Please check out my blog What the Vita!


Featured image courtesy of Fun at Home with Kids.

5 Backyard Activities for Lazy Summer Days

5 Backyard Activities for Lazy Summer Days | Tipsaholic.com #outdoor #fun #kids #games #summer #backyard


Summertime is the season of vacations, family time, and swimming, but we all have these lazy summer days that all we want to do is stay home and relax. Here are 5 backyard activities to keep your kids (and you!) busy this summer while staying at home.


1. Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Have a concrete patio, a concrete driveway, or a sidewalk lining the front of your home? They can become beautiful with the help of chalk paint and your kids’ creativity. Whip up a few batches of chalk paint in different colors and hand them to your kids.  They’ll love it. Or just buy new sidewalk chalk paint; it’ll be just as much fun.



2. Balloon Ping Pong

Ping pong is a fun and competitive game, but it can be too fast for younger kids to play. How about playing a game of balloon ping pong? Blow up a balloon and give your kids paddles made of paper plates and popsicle sticks. Cheer them on as they swat the balloon from side to side.


3. Backyard Camping

Camping is definitely a summer pastime, but you don’t have to drive hours and hours to a campsite to get the camping experience. Try backyard camping, which you can still do even if you don’t have a tent. Hang up a couple of sheets and fire up the grill and relax together. When it’s time to go to bed, simply go back inside!



4. Paint Flower Pots

Make gardening fun by painting flower pots together. Turn your flower pots into people by painting on faces and then watching their “hair” grow from the seeds that you plant into them. They’ll look great lined up in your backyard and your kids will enjoy checking on them and watering them throughout the summer.



5. Outdoor Chalkboard

If you have a small yard, it can be hard finding backyard activities that can be done in a smaller space. This DIY outdoor chalkboard is a great solution to that problem! You can create your own outdoor chalkboard with plywood, outdoor paint, and sanded grout. Hang it up on your fence and then whenever the laziness hits you this summer, you can just give chalk to your kids and watch them create beautiful outdoor art.



Sometimes, lazy summer days are the best! What other backyard activities do you love doing with your kids when it’s warm outside?

For more summer tips, check out 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer and Top 30 Scrumptious Summer Salads.

“I’m Elisa and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and our two little girls. I used to teach reading and writing, but now I stay at home with my two kiddos and read and write in my spare time. I also love to undertake DIY projects, find new recipes on Pinterest, and dream about someday finally completing our home. Above all, I love to learn about new things and sharing my new-found knowledge with others.”  Please check out my blog What the Vita!

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6 Habits to Strengthen Family Ties

6 Habits to Strengthen Family Ties | Tipsaholic.com #family #bonding #activities #kids

Families are under constant pressure these days. Whether it’s the distractions of dear old Dad’s job or daughter’s softball commitments, time together is becoming more and more scarce. If you’re ready to recommit to strengthen family ties, put down the electronics and start with one of these family-fortifying habits.


1. Family dinner

Research has proven time and again that dining together as a family promotes lifelong healthy eating habits. Other benefits of this family practice include improved communication and raising kids who learn to eat a variety of foods instead of fixating on mac and cheese. If family dinner isn’t already a part of your routine, aim for at least one family meal a week and build from there.


2. Read together

Besides the obvious benefits of inspiring a love of books and advanced school readiness, reading together as a family is a great way to wind down at the end of a long day.


3. Family game night

In an age of seclusion via personal electronic device, families tend to be a bit disconnected. What better way to get back in sync than to share some laughs over a card game or two? If you’re ready to go beyond the board game, introduce games of strategy, brain teasers, and puzzles. For a real challenge, get out of the house for a family scavenger hunt like this one from Spot of Tea Designs! Make game nights a permanent on your calendar to ensure the whole family can leave room for it in their schedules.


4. Get active together

It doesn’t matter if you’re swinging at the park, canoeing across mountain lakes, or horseback riding across desert dunes – getting active outside as a family is a great way to connect. Try a new sport or hike a new trail to keep your family interested and excited.


5. Start a new tradition

See if your family can come up with an idea that’s all their own instead of following the traditions of others. Get creative! What’s something you all enjoy doing? Could you do it on a certain day each year or always in a certain place? These are the things your family will cherish and remember over many years and multiple generations.


6. Define your family’s values and priorities

Get everyone on the same page by determining and writing down your family’s beliefs, goals, and values. Allowing every family member to be involved in the process will encourage continued support and discussion of those values. Be sure to show the reasons behind each belief or goal and explain how remaining loyal to them will benefit the family as a whole. For even more family fun, you can make a poster to hang where you will be reminded of your commitments.


Kayla Lilly is a photographer, writer, wife, and mama making a house a home in eastern Idaho. She met her mister while working at an amusement park and married him a year later after deciding there was no way to live without him. The amusement has continued as they’ve added three kids and a passel of pets to their lives while finishing college and starting a photography business. Drawing inspiration from the whirlwinds of marriage, parenthood, and the media, Kayla blogs at www.utterlyinexperienced.blogspot.com, and spends the rest of her time chasing chickens, organizing junk drawers, diapering toddlers, and photographing everyone willing to step in front of her lens.


Featured image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.