Make Your Own Father’s Day Tackle Box

Make Your Own Father's Day Tackle Box | #diy #kids #project #dad #father #toolbox


Every Dad has tools and other cool Dad stuff they need to store. Here’s a great DIY project Mom and kids can make for Dad together this Father’s Day. Customize it to reflect Dad’s personality for added fun!


  • tackle box
  • Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape in Duct Blind, Tangerine Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Cherry Red and Jet Black (or any colors of your choice)
  • scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • letter stencils


Step 1: Cover the flat part of the tackle box in Duct Blind tape, making sure to cut on a diagonal to fit the edges exactly.

Step 2: To create stripes with the solid colored tapes, first lie down a full piece of tape in the location you want then cut another tape in half and laying it over the other tape to create two different sized stripes

Step 3: For the middle box, lay down four strips in a square then fill the box with more strips. To the make a smaller box cut four small strips then lay them in a box shape lining up with the smaller box

Step 4: Trace your letters (D-A-D) on a piece of paper

Step 5: Cut out those letters and place them on your middle box

Step 6: Using your X-Acto knife, trace your letters onto the tape and cut out the shapes

Step 7: Place the tape letters on the tackle box



Special thanks to Scotch for submitting this great tutorial!

10 Fantastic Tin Can Crafts for Kids

10 Fantastic Tin Can Crafts for Kids | #diy #craft #kids #cans


Take time out with the kids today to enjoy crafting together with these 10 fantastic tin can crafts. Each craft requires just a few supplies, some creativity, and a child or two to make things interesting! It’s incredible what a kid can do with a set of recycled cans – so start saving up your empty soup cans and get inspired by a couple of these great ideas for little hands.


1. Stilts from Playful Learning



 2. Lanterns from Domestic Doozie



3. Bird Feeder from Momtastic



4. Music Maker from Minieco



5. Topple Game from The Zui Blog 



6. Wind chime from All You Magazine



7. Hanging garden from Stuff Steph Does



8. Desk organizer from Somewhat Simple



9. Flower feeders from Think Crafts



10. Tin can phones from Skip to My Lou



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Featured image courtesy of Stuff Steph Does.