21 Boy-Friendly Disney Dress Up DIY’s

Disney Dress Up Clothes for Boys!

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21 Boy-Friendly Disney Dress Up DIY's to get your inspiration revved up!

Disney Dress Up Ideas for Boys

Boys are no strangers to the joys of playing dress up!  Whether you and the little guy in your life need some Disney dress up inspiration for everyday imaginative play, a trip to visit Mickey and friends, or for a special occasion, we’ve got you covered!  Our gallery of 21 Boy-Friendly Disney Dress Up DIY’s can help you create the perfect items for your kiddos dress up wardrobe.  Many ideas are either no sew or very easy to pull together – perfect for YOU to DIY so HE can get playing!

Easy Outfits

Simple Mickey Sweatshirt – Simply Inter Nos

Simple Mickey Costume – Taking Time To Create

Easy Goofy Outfit – Coolest Costumes

Mike Wizowski Shirt – Nik Knacks

No-Sew Incredibles Shirt and Mask – Spoonful

Olaf Shirt – Mom Endeavors

Dynamic Duos

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Top – Between the Toys

No-Sew Captain Hook Outfit – Inspired By Familia

Peter Pan Outfit – Make It and Love It

Woody Dress Up – Love, The Ludwigs

No-Sew Buzz Lightyear Suit – Fun at Home With Kids

Tigger T-shirt – Speaking of Disney

Winnie The Pooh T-Shirt – Speaking of Disney

Elaborate Sews

Mad Hatter Outfit – MADE

Nemo Sweatshirt – Did You Feed The Cats?

Dopey the Dwarf Outfit – Parents.com

Donald Duck Top – Kadiddlehopper

Flynn Rider Vest – Make It and Love It

Robin Hood Outfit – JenSpends

Prince Eric Outfit from a T-Shirt – Polka Dot Fluff

Prince Charming – Make It and Love It

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