Make the Most of your Garage Infographic

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A garage can be used for more than parking cars and storing extra stuff. Are you utilizing your space? Find out all the great uses for a garage that you are missing. Learn how to make the most of your garage with this infographic from Evander. There are so many great ideas, I hope one will help you use in your home as an untapped potential space for fun.

Are you using your garage to the greatest potential? Check out these great ideas to transform your garage and make the most out of it. Make the Most of your Garage infograpic via @tipsaholic #garage #diy #home

What is your favorite idea to use in your own home?

Check out these other tips for organizing your garage.

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The Golden Rules of Interior Design


Are you struggling to make your space your own and don’t know which direction to go? Terrys Blinds has compiled key rules used by design experts from around the world into this useful infographic!

The golden rules of interior design by Terrys Blinds

Special thanks to Terrys Blinds for sharing their Golden Rules of Interior Design with our readers!

The Complete Curtain Cheat Sheet Infographic


This amazing infographic is the perfect resource if you are choosing curtains for your home. This complete curtain cheat sheet has all the information you could possibly need, including tips about fabric and hardware.

The Complete Curtain Cheat Sheet | #home #decor #design #drapes #curtains #infographic


Infographic courtesy of Chais Lund.