10 Cold Weather Dates to Warm Up Your Romance

10 Cold Weather Dates to Warm Up Your Romance - Tipsaholic


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It’s easy to hibernate during the winter but don’t let sleet, snow and wind chills freeze your romance! There are tons of great, inexpensive dates you and your significant other can enjoy together — despite the weather. If you’re looking for fun ideas for an evening out, here are 10 cold weather dates that are sure to warm up your romance.

1. Go snowboarding or skiing

Amp up your adventurous side and don some snow pants and goggles! When you’re finished hitting the slopes you can warm up in the lodge area with some hot chocolate. Never been before? Even better! Trying something new with your significant other can bring you even closer together.

2. Plan a themed movie night

Pick a movie with a very specific theme — try to choose one neither of you have seen. Then make dinner or snacks together that match the theme of the movie. For instance, watch The Breakfast Club and cook up some french toast or pancakes, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding and eat gyros with cucumber sauce. Or pick a movie with a very specific setting (Chicago, New York, Philly, a tropical island) and eat foods native to the area. Make sure to snuggle up close under a warm blanket!

3. Make oven s’mores and hot chocolate

Just roast your marshmallow over the burner. If you have an electric oven or don’t like the idea of using the burner, make s’mores inside the oven on cookie sheets or use the microwave instead. Here’s a great oven-baked s’more recipe. Try this simple, old-fashioned stovetop hot chocolate recipe or this slightly fancier version of hot cocoa with real whipped cream.

4. Warm up with a Hibachi Grill

This Japanese cuisine is also an art form and sure to entertain. Plus, you’re right up close and personal with the grill, so that’s sure to raise temps.  If you’ve never had it before, all the better. You can Google hibachi grills in your area to find an appropriate restaurant.

5. Spend a night at the library

Find your favorite books from childhood, look up love sonnets, read favorite passages from your most-loved novels or choose a topic before you arrive and find interesting books to share with each other about the topic. You might even leave with some new good reads!

6. Grab a sled

Sledding is free if there’s a hill in your area. You could also check out the local ski or sledding hills that have rope tows to take you to the top. These spots are great because there are often lodge or snack bar areas where you can have a warm drink and thaw out.

7. Slip on some skates

You can decide if you’ll brave the elements for an outdoor rink or try a warmer alternative inside, but the goal is the same. Slip on some skates on and impress each other with your best routines. If nothing else, it’ll have you grabbing onto each other for support and laughing at each others antics.

8. Have a picnic

An outdoor picnic in wintertime can actually be a lot of fun. If there’s a lake or something similar in your area that completely freezes over, you can drive your car out on the lake and have a tailgating party, just the two of you (follow safety precautions and rules for your city). Or just find a scenic spot and spread out a thick blanket. Choose a meal that’s nice and warm, like a pot of chili or soup and hot chocolate or tea. Dress for the weather and make sure to snuggle up for body heat! If this idea doesn’t sound appealing, you could opt to have a winter picnic inside, too. Set your picnic blanket up on the floor and add candles for romance.

9. Play games

Pick out a few favorite games for two and have a board and card game marathon. Don’t forget to decide on a prize for the tournament champion beforehand! Some great two player games, include: Sequence, Stratego, Perpetual Commotion, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Boggle, Battleship, Rummikub, Racko, Blink, Qwirkle, Set, Blokus.

10. Have a “tropical beach night”

Set out pictures of tropical beaches and summertime fun. Turn up the thermostat and dress for summer. Make a tropical or summertime meal, like Strawberry Soup, Kalua Pork, or Tangled Thai Salad. Try some yummy frozen drinks like Pineapple, Banana and Coconut Smoothies, Key Lime Pie Shakes, Tropical Slush, or Non-Boozy Mojitos. Dance to tropical or island style music (things with ukulele or steal drums) and make dreams and plans for the summertime months.

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Looking for more ways to boost the romance in your relationship? Try these:

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6 Ways to Reconnect with Your Significant Other

6 ways to reconnect with your significant other - Tipsaholic.com


If you’ve found yourself caught up in the whirlwinds of life and losing touch with your mate, you’re not alone. It’s easy to neglect the person you love most when work, family, and health can require so much of your attention. If you’re ready to rekindle the flame and reconnect in your relationship, take time out today and start with these six suggestions.

6 ways to reconnect with your significant other

1. Share your knowledge

You are an individual. You have interests and hobbies outside of your relationship, but why not bring them into it as well? Start teaching your significant other about something you love. Photography, baking, painting, or fast cars – sharing your knowledge can help you find new activities to explore together.


2. Power down at bedtime

Gadgets have turned “pillow talk” into a thing of the past. Bring it back to your nightlife by keeping the TVs, smartphones, and laptops out of the bedroom and reconnect as you lie side-by-side. It’s amazing what a person can open up about in the dark!


3. Start recognizing (and appreciating) the things he/she does do

Too often we focus on what our S.O. is not doing. It’s easy to get carried away, get angry, and forget the good things. Try writing a list of things your loved does for you and your family, then choose one or two specific ones and let him/her know you appreciate them.


4. Establish “no phone” zones

Nothing kills a long-awaited night out (sans children) like a phone call, email, or text in the middle of dinner. If you’re really committed to focusing on each other, consider turning the phones off during your time together. If you need to be available in case of emergencies you can leave the phone on but out of sight, where you won’t be tempted to pick it up every time you see a new text alert.


5. Go out of your way to do something for him/her

If there’s something you can do to make your partner’s life a little easier today, go for it. Does the bathroom need to be cleaned? Is the car due for an oil change? Choose something your love would normally be in charge of and take care of it, giving them some extra time to relax…with you!


6. Play a game together

Taking a few minutes to play is a great way to reconnect, whether it’s a board game you both loved as a kid or a few rounds of poker. Outdoor games get you out of the house and enjoying nature together. Doing a puzzle may remind you how well you work together. Games that require less critical thinking will leave plenty of time for talking without the pressure of eye contact. Choose something you will both enjoy and play.


Kayla Lilly is a photographer, writer, wife, and mama making a house a home in eastern Idaho. She met her mister while working at an amusement park and married him a year later after deciding there was no way to live without him. The amusement has continued as they’ve added three kids and a passel of pets to their lives while finishing college and starting a photography business. Drawing inspiration from the whirlwinds of marriage, parenthood, and the media, Kayla blogs at www.utterlyinexperienced.blogspot.com, and spends the rest of her time chasing chickens, organizing junk drawers, diapering toddlers, and photographing everyone willing to step in front of her lens.

7 Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

7 Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day

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Does a night of snuggling up with your love and watching a romantic movie together sound like the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here are seven great movies to watch with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

7 romantic movies for valentine's day - tipsaholic.com

1. When Harry Met Sally

This movie consistently tops most lists of Valentine’s Day movies and for good reason. This romantic comedy is about a man and a woman who wonder whether two people of opposite genders can truly be platonic friends. Even if you’ve seen this movie before, a re-watch is always worth your time.

2. Crazy Stupid Love

Sometimes you already have love, but you forget or abandon it. This is another romantic comedy that’s a must-see. A sweet man is heartbroken when he finds that his wife wants to leave him and takes the advice of a ladies-man to woo her back. That ladies-man also goes on to find a love of his own. You’ll laugh and you’ll hug your loved one just a bit tighter.

3. Love Actually

Several stories, both happy and sad, intertwine to form a beautiful picture of the various types of love in this world. This is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day movies of all-time. You can watch it again and again and take away a different lesson every time.

4. Notting Hill

Can two people from vastly different backgrounds fall in love? Yes, of course they can, as we’ve seen from countless movies and books. But can they stay in love in spite of their differences? The love between a famous actress and a regular guy who owns a bookstore will make you smile with its interesting take on fame and romance.

5. 50 First Dates

This movie has all kinds of comedy in it: laugh-out-loud funny, crude funny, heartwarming funny, and slapstick funny. It tells the story of a woman whose memory only lasts a day and a man who falls in love with her and gets her to fall in love with him every single day. After all, isn’t that really what we should be doing with our significant others?

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Sometimes love can be brutal and so painful that you think you just want to erase it all and forget. This fascinating movie tells about a couple who erases their memories of each other, but despite the mind scrub start remembering details about each other. This thought-provoking movie provides an entertaining combination of science fiction, romance, and mysticism.

7. Moonstruck

You could watch this movie for a romantic story about a woman who falls in love with her fiance’s passionate and moody brother, but the lines in the movie are priceless and the Italian family living in Brooklyn is unforgettable.

Did I hear someone say movie marathon? Count me in!

7 Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day - Tipsaholic.com

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12 Love Notes For Your Valentine

12 Love Notes for Your Valentine

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‘Tis the season of love, my friendswhich means it’s time to step up your romance game. Not great at expressing your feelings? Kind of hate those corny valentine cards? Never fear! Here are 12 easy ways to write love notes for your valentine, now or any time of year!

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3×5 cards

Small enough that you don’t have to write much, 3×5 cards are perfect for short, sweet love notes. Write down a few things you love about your valentine on different cards and leave them in places you know they’ll be found.

The bathroom mirror

Lipstick on the mirror is romantic and makes a big statement, but cleaning it off can be a pain. Using your finger to write on a fogged-up mirror after a shower is sweet and spontaneous, but your message won’t be very easy to see. A dry-erase marker is a great middle ground: easy to see, easy to clean, and it definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Sidewalk chalk

This is another high impact, low effort way to write love notes. Draw some hearts on the walkway to your front door, leave a big cheesy message in the driveway, or write “I love you!” on the back patio for them to find later

Napkin notes

Write “I love you!” on a napkin and tuck it in your sweetheart’s lunch. Bonus points for including a couple chocolate kisses with their PB&J!


Hershey kisses, Sweet Tarts, and other candies make for easy love-related puns. Use your honey’s favorite candy to express your love. “I love you to (Reese’s) pieces!” or “You’re my favorite person in the Milky Way!” Get creative!

Fortune cookies  

Make your own fortune cookies using this tutorial, or order cookies with custom messages. Then treat your love to a Chinese feast–homemade or takeout–with a sweet surprise ending.

Magnetic poetry

When you only have certain words available, you have to get a little creative. This set is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but you can also write loves notes for your favorite geek, attempt to channel your inner Shakespeare, or even get a little risque with your poetry, if that’s how you roll!

Mix CD

Not good with words? Express your love through song and make a mix CD! You could include the songs you danced to at your wedding, hits from his or her favorite band, or compile the cheesiest 80’s ballads you can think of. Then slip it into their car for them to listen to on their morning commute.

Calendars & to-do lists

If they use a phone or tablet to keep track of their calendar, set up a reminder at a random time on a random day. When it pops up unexpectedly, they’ll find a sweet little message from you. For those who still use paper planners, write your note on a future date so they’ll find it in a week or two.

Computer desktop

I had a college roommate who loved to surprise me with notes like this. She’d scrawl a random message in Paint, save it, and replace my desktop image with her message. You can do the same thing in Photoshop or any other image-editing software to make it look a little more polished, and can use your image as a background for your valentine’s laptop, tablet, phone, or all of the above.

Social media or email

Send your significant other a quick “thinking of you” message via his or her favorite social media platform. Not comfortable with PDA? Even Instagram has private messaging now, so you can be as mushy as you want without worrying about who might read it. (Be careful when sending messages to work email accounts, though, as some employers have strict email policies. You don’t want to get anyone in trouble!)

Snail mail

Who doesn’t love getting actual mail in their mailbox? Send a handwritten love note via the good ol’ USPS, the way people did before all this technology made letters such a rare treat. Even the shortest letter feels extra special when it has a stamp on it.

Do you have a favorite way to leave love notes for your valentine? Share in the comments!


12 Love Notes for Your Valentine - Tipsaholic.com

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