15 Skills to Learn from a Boomer

In a world that increasingly leans on digital convenience, many of us long for the tangible skills of the past, particularly those mastered by the boomer generation.

As we navigate through our fast-paced, technology-driven lives, the art of homemaking and homesteading represents a grounding connection to our heritage. These skills, once commonplace, are not only practical but also imbue a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency.

Here are 15 lost arts from the boomer generation that many wish were still widely taught today, reflecting a time when being hands-on was not the exception, but the norm.

Canning and Preserving:

Woman Canning Food Boomer Ss
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One of the most valuable skills passed down involves canning and preserving food. Learning how to can vegetables, fruits, and even meats ensures a year-round supply of homegrown or locally-sourced food, reducing waste and enhancing food security.

Sewing and Mending:

Sewing And Mending Clothes Skills SS
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In an era of fast fashion, the ability to sew and mend clothes or even alter the fit of clothes, is a forgotten treasure. This skill not only saves money but also encourages a sustainable lifestyle by extending the life of garments.


3 Gardening
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Knowing how to cultivate a home garden—from planting to pest management to harvesting—is invaluable. Gardening is not just about beautifying a space; it’s about sustaining oneself with homegrown produce.


4 Carpentry Skills
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Basic carpentry skills enable individuals to build and repair furniture and structures in their homes. This knowledge is empowering, offering creative and practical solutions to everyday needs.

Cooking from Scratch:

5 Cooking From Scratch
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The ability to cook wholesome meals from scratch is a way of nurturing health and wellness. It fosters an understanding of ingredients and nutrition, helping families to avoid processed foods.


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Effective budgeting and financial management were crucial in earlier decades. Mastering this skill ensures better financial health and less dependency on credit.


Handwriting SS
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Elegant and legible handwriting was once a hallmark of personal communication. In today’s digital age, handwriting can be a beautiful, personal touch to letters and notes.


6 Bartering
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The skill of bartering, or exchanging goods and services without cash, strengthens community ties and provides an alternative economic model that can be particularly useful in tight-knit communities.

Home Brewing:

7 Home Brewing SS
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Whether it’s brewing beer or fermenting wine at home, this skill provides an enjoyable hobby that can also cut costs and allow customization of flavors.

Natural Remedies:

Herbs For Healing SS
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Understanding and using herbs for basic medicinal purposes can enhance well-being and reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals for minor ailments.


Quilting SS
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More than just a practical skill for creating blankets, quilting is a form of storytelling and artistry that preserves memories and traditions.


9 Leatherworking
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Crafting and repairing leather goods is not only a practical skill but also a form of artistic expression that results in durable goods.

Bread Baking:

10 Baking Bread
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The ability to bake bread from scratch is both an art and a science that yields flavorful, wholesome results far superior to most store-bought options.


11 Foraging For Food
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Knowing how to identify and safely gather wild food is a skill that connects us to our environment and can supplement our diets with nutritious, wild-grown produce.

Mechanical Repair:

15 Mechanical Repair
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The ability to troubleshoot and fix common mechanical issues in household appliances and cars fosters independence and can save considerable money and time.

In revisiting these skills, there’s more than just nostalgia or the allure of self-reliance at play.

Each skill is a step towards sustainability, a way to reduce our carbon footprint, and a bridge to past generations who operated with less but accomplished so much. Whether it’s through formal education, workshops, or learning from elders, acquiring these skills can enrich our lives in profound ways. Let’s strive to reconnect with these traditions, not only to honor the past but to build a more hands-on, sustainable future.

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