11 Accessories That Will Make You Feel Young and Chic at 60!

You have a unique combination of body shape, style, and clothing choices that express who you are at 60. With the right accessories, you can accentuate the features that you want to highlight.

Here are some tips to help you be chic at 60!

11. Use Color

Who says aging means drab and boring? Go ahead and don’t be afraid to still be vibrant and lively! Yes, of course, why not?!

Elderly Lady Wearing Pink Sunglasses Holding Purple Skateboard
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10. Wide-Brimmed Panama Hat

Panama Hat
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Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! How about a classic wide-brimmed Panama hat? It’s a chic accessory that always draws the eye. It also keeps those sassy faces protected from the sun. 

9. Leopard Print Accessories

Leopard Print Cloth
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Be it a scarf jazzed with animal prints or a chic pair of Tory Burch ankle boots, these stylish options will surely compliment any body shape, I tell ya!

8. Earrings

Earring Woman
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For casual wear or a dinner date, a pop of color from a set of dangle earrings can give your ensemble that much-needed spark. A good pair doesn’t need to shout; it simply whispers stylishly in your ear!

7. Classic Watches and Bracelets

Woman Watch
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Tick-tock, check the clock! Or rather, your wrist. Whether it’s formal wear or casual outfits, a classic watch or bracelet adds a touch of elegance to any look.

6. The Power of a Well-Chosen Scarf

Woman Wearing Scarf
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No joke, a well-chosen scarf is a fun way to add personality to any outfit. And the right scarf? Well, that can work wonders. 

5. Wearing Belts the Right Way

Woman Belt
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Okay, let’s talk belts. Yes, belts! Even if belts aren’t your thing, they’re key to showing the world that you’ve still got style at 60. A belt can change the whole look of an outfit, cinching in just the right place or adding a pop of color.

4. The Perfect Handbag

Cute Hand Bag
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Got a tad bit of spare dough? You got to invest in a designer handbag as a treat! Remember, a versatile and minimalist handbag can also be a real game-changer in your outfits.

3. Sunglasses

Couple Sunglasses
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Sunglasses, ladies, can make you look like a movie star fresh off the red carpet!  You can play it safe with square shapes or jazz things up with a cat eye. You’d wanna choose the right pair to match your charm and suit your face shape.

2. The Brooch

Deer Brooch
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You might be surprised to know that a stylish brooch can be the saving grace, especially when you’d rather tone down the glitz and glam of fancy outfits.

1. Chic Gloves

Woman Chic Glove
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Listen, don’t underestimate the power of a chic pair of gloves! Besides keeping your mittens cozy, they add a suave finish to any stylish outfit. Choose something that radiates your elegance – cashmere, wool, leather, or suede, and stay clear of gaudy styles! 

Your personal style is key when it comes to fashion for women over 60. The latest trends in accessories should reflect who you are. 

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