Sporting Insights: What Your Favorite Sports Reveal About Your Income

Sports fandom is more than just a passion—it can also offer intriguing insights into our socioeconomic backgrounds. While our love for a particular sport is often driven by personal interest and cultural influences, there’s evidence to suggest that our sporting preferences can correlate with our income levels.

Let’s explore how your favorite sports might reflect aspects of your financial status:

Sports for High Income:

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Golf is often considered a sport for the more affluent demographic. It requires membership fees, greens fees, and high-quality equipment, making it more accessible to those with higher incomes.


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The cost of quality tennis gear and memberships at upscale clubs can be relatively high, which often attracts participants with higher disposable incomes.


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Participating in ice hockey can be expensive due to the cost of equipment and attending NHL games. As such, it’s more commonly favored by individuals with higher incomes.

Sports for Middle Income:

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Soccer is known for its inclusivity. It has relatively low equipment costs, making it accessible to a broad range of income levels. However, expenses such as international game tickets and premium cable packages for leagues can add up and may favor those with higher incomes.


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Bowling is a sport that’s generally budget-friendly. Enthusiasts who invest in custom equipment or participate in leagues may have disposable income to allocate to their hobby.


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While baseball games can be enjoyed by a diverse fan base, investing in season tickets or frequent stadium visits might suggest a more stable financial situation.

Sports for Lower Income:

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Basketball is accessible to a wide range of income levels. Playing basketball at the recreational level is typically affordable, and professional players’ earnings don’t necessarily affect the cost of participation.


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American football has a broad fan base, and the costs associated with attending NFL games and purchasing merchandise can suggest disposable income. However, playing the sport recreationally is generally accessible to a wide range of incomes.

Sports for All Income Levels:

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Track and Field 

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Track and field is a sport that’s relatively accessible to various income levels. Its simplicity and minimal equipment requirements make it inclusive, although competing at an elite level or attending prestigious events can be financially demanding.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)  

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MMA is a sport with diverse participants and is not easily categorized by income. While training and events can be expensive, the sport’s accessibility and the diversity of its participants make it challenging to categorize based solely on income.

Remember that these categorizations are broad generalizations. Many exceptions exist, and people from different income backgrounds participate in various sports. The accessibility and affordability of sports can vary significantly depending on individual choices, location, and opportunities.

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