Unearthed Wonders: 14 Mind-Blowing Facts to Blow Your Mind!

Sometimes, reality can be stranger than fiction, and the world is full of mind-boggling facts that leave us in awe of the wonders of the universe. From the depths of the oceans to the vastness of outer space, these incredible facts showcase the extraordinary nature of our world.

Fasten your seatbelts as we explore 14 unbelievable facts that are sure to captivate your imagination and leave you with a newfound sense of wonder.

14. Honey Never Spoils

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Archaeologists have discovered pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that are over 3,000 years old and still perfectly edible. Honey’s natural composition, including low water content and acidic pH, creates an environment hostile to bacteria and microorganisms, preventing spoilage over extended periods.

13. Bananas Are Berries, But Strawberries Aren’t 

Banana And Strawberry
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In botanical terms, bananas qualify as berries, classified as “botanical berries.” On the other hand, strawberries are not true berries but rather “aggregate accessory fruits.” The distinction lies in the specific botanical definition, which can sometimes defy common culinary perceptions.

12. Put Hamster Wheels in the Forest for Wild Mice

2 Hamster Wheels Shutterstock
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If your hamster doesn’t use its wheel, consider putting it outside for the forest mice. One person said they got the idea to start a line of biodegradable hamster wheels, and another suggested a DIY wheel using pretzels. However, my favorite comment was the one who mentioned during a Dutch study, users found that other creatures in the wild used the hamster wheel, including slugs and frogs.

11. Scorpions and Platypuses Glow Under Light

3 Platypus Hsutterstock
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I’m not sure how it was first discovered that platypuses glow under a UV light, but way more people already knew this fact than I would have expected. Another person mentioned using a UV flashlight to check for scorpions in their home.

10. Tigers and Cats Have Striped Skin

4 Tiger
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I’ve never tried to shave my cats (and wouldn’t try to shave a tiger), but their skin is stripey underneath their fur! One person joked that if you shave a tiger, it will still be stripey—and angry.

9. You Get To Keep the Old Kidney, Too

Woman Shocked And Amazed 1
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Did you know that they usually leave your old one in there after you get a kidney transplant? A commenter added their experience: “They leave the old ones in unless there’s a reason to remove them. I currently have five. Two original, two failed transplants, one functioning transplant.”

8. KFC Is Selective About Who They Follow on Twitter

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Out of the 11 people KFC follows, five are former spice girls, and six are guys named Herb. If you’ve ever seen their tweets, companies like KFC (and Wendy’s) are getting clever with their social media marketing.

7. Flamingos Can Drink Boiling Water

7 Flamingo
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I’m not sure if they prefer the hot water due to the environments, they tend to live in or how this was discovered, but I wonder how long ago the first flamingo realized they could safely drink boiling water. One person joked: “Flamingoes can make ramen in their mouths if they wanted to.”

6. Elephants Can’t Jump

8 Elephants
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Despite having four forward-facing knees, elephants can’t jump. Fortunately, they can still creep along quickly since they are essentially standing on their tippy toes.

5. Bees Get Jetlag

9 Bees
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Scientists have discovered that bees can experience time in a similar way that humans do. Specifically, scientists found that they can get jet lag. Hopefully, they have a place to rest their weary heads from all their travel.

4. Pandas Poo Way Too Much

10 Pandas
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Someone stated, “Pandas poo on average 40 times a day — and about 62 lbs in weight.” It is probably because of all the bamboo they’re snacking on, but they must be tired from eating and pooping all day.

3. “Immortal” Jellyfish Exist

11 Jellyfish
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These jellyfish (with the scientific name Turritopsis dohrnii) are technically biologically immortal due to their cells’ ability to revert or age backward. However, they are food for other creatures in the animal kingdom so they won’t live forever.

Source: Reddit.

2. A Chicken Survived for 18 Months Without a Head

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In 1945 a Colorado farmer went out to kill a chicken for dinner but when he chopped off the animal’s head, He missed the jugular vein but left the part of the brain that controlled breathing, digestion, and other bodily functions. The farmer named him “Magic Mike” and instead of eating him, He fed him with an eyedropper until he died 18 months later.

1. Males use their necks in combat called ‘necking’

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To determine their strength and establish dominance, male giraffes, referred to as bulls, engage in a behavior known as “necking.” During these encounters, they use their long necks and heads to engage in a form of combat. These contests are generally not life-threatening and typically conclude when one bull concedes defeat and peacefully walks away.

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