Reality Check: 15 Practices That Are Honestly Disgusting

The world is diverse and colorful, and so are our perceptions of everyday things. What one person finds appealing, another may find utterly repulsive. It’s a fascinating aspect of human nature that everyday objects, behaviors, or habits can elicit strong feelings of disgust or discomfort in some individuals.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at 15 common things that some people find disgusting. It’s a reminder of the quirky, complex, and often amusing ways in which our preferences and aversions can vary.

15. Uncovered Sneezing or Coughing

Public Sneezing
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Inconsiderate sneezing or coughing without covering one’s mouth can be a source of discomfort for many. The thought of germs spreading in the air can make people cringe, especially in crowded or enclosed spaces.

14. Public Restrooms

Public Restroom
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The shared space of a public restroom, with its mysterious stains, unknown odors, and the general lack of personal ownership, can be a cringe-worthy experience for those who find it hard to overlook the hygiene uncertainties.

13. Mushrooms

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Mushrooms, those fungi among us, are a culinary delight for some but a squirm-inducing source of drama for others. Their earthy texture and occasional funky appearances can make mushroom haters cringe like they’ve just bitten into a lemon at a surprise party.

It’s like Mother Nature tried to prank picky eaters with her weird and wild fungi creations!

12. Raisins

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Imagine the anticipation building as you receive a cookie from your friend. Your mouth waters in anticipation of that delightful combination of a soft, chewy cookie with the richness of chocolate.

However, as your taste buds encounter an unexpected element within the cookie, you quickly realize it’s not chocolate but raisins. What a twist, right?

11. Sticky Surface

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People will never get comfortable with sticky surface on public place. Is it from wine? Coffee? or Tea? Well, the worst thing is — you might never know. 

10. Pores

Pores And Holes
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Stuff with weird holes gross out people who are more texture-sensitive than others. A tree trunk with cavities, a porous rock, a naked pierced ear, or even large pores on someone’s face can be intolerable to those folks.

9. Wet Food

Grossed Out Face
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The sight of nasty food bits at the bottom of the sink is enough to make some people cringe on the spot. It gets even worse if they have to touch when emptying the sink strainer — total ick-fest.

8. Physical Money

Paying With Cash
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There was a time when everyone had to deal with coins and money bills, and some people are more thankful than others that this isn’t the case anymore.

The smell of physical money and the thought of how many hands have touched them before they reached them is super repulsive.

7. Unknown Stains

Stain On Clothes
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Is it Chocolate? Blood? Something we don’t’ talk about at the dinner table? If you don’t know,  you might automatically find it disgusting.

We are busy through out the day, and we may not know what it is that is on our shirt.  So gross, spray it with stain spray and hope it disappears. 

6. Expressive Eating

Licking Fingers
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“You should eat in silence without any unnecessary facial expressions” is what people who get grossed out by other people’s eating habits would say.

Chewing sounds, slurping sounds, too-loud cutlery clinking, chewing with an open mouth, and smacking noises can make their skin crawl.

5. Gristle

Chicken Legs
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Biting into meat can sometimes give you an unpleasant surprise – gristle. It’s a type of hard, stringy tissue that’s too tough to chew. It usually comes from ligaments and doesn’t get softer when it’s cooked, so it’s best to spit it out. 

4. Mysterious Crumbs

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Do you physically react to the sight of crumbs on the kitchen counter, on a couch, or in the drawers of your fridge? What if you are sitting down at a restaurant table?  People who get grossed out by crumbs will say heck yes.

It’s crumbs of all and any kind, including those that build up in cup holders, keyboards, and toasters.

3. Wet Sponges

Wet Sponges
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The only thing more repulsive than a sponge is a wet sponge, at least that’s what some people think.

They hate the way the stink of a sponge sticks to their skin and the notion of bacteria chilling in the sponge pool.

2. Help-Your-Self Buffets

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Weird food bits, random sticky surfaces, shared service platters, and exposed foods that anyone can touch are the epitome of grossness for some people.

1. Dairy Products

Dairy Products
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While you may think dairy products are harmless, they’re the biggest food taboos to some people.

Some are grossed out by all milk, not just curdled milk. Others will gag at the faintest hint of cheese in their food. Yogurt and sour cream? Too globby and eww-y.

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