8 Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

Check out these sweet hairstyles for little girls.  Not only are they easy, they will help tame that hair in the cutest way!

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Little girls have big dreams and big goals, and they often don’t have the time to sit still and wait for those dreams to come true. While there may be other aspects of life that take up their time, moms and their daughters alike understand that looking good can be just as fun as being productive. To help make it easy to look their best, without sacrificing time, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest, quickest, and easiest hairstyles for little girls.

Not only are these hairstyles simple and fast, but they’re also suitable for those just starting out with styling their child’s hair. Whether you’re a first-time mom or a veteran of the hair styling game, you don’t have to be an expert to master these looks. With skillful practice and guidance from the tutorials, anyone can create cute hairstyles quickly, efficiently, and without acquiring a mastery level of hair styling.

So, don’t let the thought of cute hair get in the way of the dreams of your daughter or her busy lifestyle. Instead, try out these easy hairstyles for little girls to get your daughter looking beautiful in no time.

1. Bubble Braids

Toddler Braided Hair2

This cute bubble ponytail  is such an easy hairstyle to create with just small sections that then add to the next section.  The only addition is a little fluffing of the ponytail between sections.  From Forever Braiding Kay

2. Double Pigtails


Short-haired toddlers and bobbed little girls can have pigtails too! Just try these two-banded pigtails to keep shorter hair in place. Hint – you can also do this in the back if you need to! Scroll down for loads of other ideas from We Love Being Moms.

3. Topsy Tails


These little “knots,” or “topsy tails,” might just be your new best friend. They are very versatile and can be placed just about anywhere on your little one’s head. This tutorial shows you how to get a sweet topsy tail lineup on one side that will keep baby fuzz and bangs out of the face.

4. Triple Twist Topsy


Sometimes our girls like to look a little fancy, but fancy hair isn’t always the easiest. This hairstyle is really simple but looks fabulous! Taking one section of hair at a time, separate into two pieces, twist each one, then twist them together. Do three of these, then join them into a ponytail and flip it over for a pretty triple twist topsy tail!

5. Flower Braid Bun


If your little girl likes flowers, she’s in for a treat with this hairstyle! Pull hair into a simple half-up do and secure it with an elastic. Braid the ponytail and add an elastic at the bottom before loosening the braid by pulling the edges. Roll the braid into a flower shape, tuck in the end, and pin it in place for a pleasing flower-shaped bun.

6. Banded Ponytail


This hairstyle is great for keeping short bangs in check. You’ll need several elastics but the process is easy to understand. Start with a small amount of hair in one front ponytail, then simply gather a little more hair with each ponytail. Once you get to the base of the head, elastics are just added along a single ponytail to create little “puffs” that match the rest of the banded ponytail hairstyle.

7. Four Strand Braid


You will need some basic braiding skills for this hairdo. A four-strand braid looks and sounds like it might be complicated but it’s really very simple if you can get the braiding pattern down. The best part of this braid is that a ribbon can easily substitute the fourth strand to make it extra-special.

8. Ponytail Veil


The fancy name for this hairstyle is the ponytail “veil,” but what it boils down to is getting creative with size, placement, and quantity of ponytails. You can separate and reconnect each ponytail to build fun patterns across the top and back of the head. Go wild with this one!

So what did you think of these cute hairstyles for little girls?  So many cute simple ideas for great results.

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