12 Songs with Mistakes That Became Hits

Many may think that making a song is all about perfection. We picture musicians spending hours in the studio, getting every note, every beat, and every word just right. That is not always the case, as some of the most unforgettable pop songs and rock anthems out there are sprinkled with mistakes.

12. The Beatles – “Hey Jude”

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“Hey Jude” by The Beatles? Iconic tune of regret and longing, right? Even this golden hit has its quirks. You’ll hear Paul McCartney swearing around the third minute, making it all the more special.

11. Sting – “Roxanne”

Sting The Police
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Sting’s Roxanne was a big hit and still draws a lot of attention today. You can hear Sting laughing at the beginning, and the reason was that he sat on a piano he thought was closed. The piano made a strange sound that got him laughing.

10. Nirvana – “Polly”

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Nirvana’s “Polly” from Nevermind is a dark story with Cobain’s raw acoustic sound. He once said that the guitar was so busted he had to duct tape it! Get this – he slipped up on the third verse’s timing.

9. The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up”

Rolling Stone
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Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones? Those guys sure had a knack for turning oops moments into gold. Sometimes the best music comes from those unplanned bits; man, they have plenty!

8. The Police – “Roxanne”

The Police Every Breathe You Take Shutterstock
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Roxanne” by The Police from their ’78 album, Outlandos d’Amour, is timeless. Have you ever caught that tiny glitch in Andy Summers’ guitar at the start? Rumor has it that a tape issue caused it.

7. Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”

Pink Floyd
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Have you ever tuned into Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and heard that cough in the intro? That’s all Gilmour! Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, this classic has noteworthy flaws. The flaws give it a touch of realness, though.

6. Otis Redding – “Sittin’On the Dock of the Bay”

Otis Redding
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This song sure hits the right spot, but it has its fair share of blunders. For example, the song’s last verse is whistled instead of sung. It was supposed to be a placeholder until the completion, but Otis died before that, and the whistled part was left like that.

5. David Bowie – “Life on Mars”

David Bowie Shutterstock
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David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” is more like a trip to another galaxy – colorful, lively, and a tad trippy. But even this space jam has its hiccups. Still, those quirks didn’t stop it from becoming a rock legend’s classic!

4. U2 – “Vertigo”

U2 Sing
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U2’s “Vertigo” was a huge hit, but get this: even these megastars aren’t perfect. Listen closely to The Edge’s intro; you might catch drummer Larry Mullen Jr. missing a beat.

3. Green Day – “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”

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Get this: Billie Joe Armstrong penned this song over a rocky relationship. The song starts with him messing up on the guitar twice! They kept those in, giving this hit a raw, real vibe.

2. Fleetwood Mac – “Gold Dust Woman”

Fleetwood Mac
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“Gold Dust Woman” is, indeed, a legendary piece.  In their “Physical Graffiti” album, a plane zipped by during a session at Headley Grange. Instead of ditching it, Plant and the gang kept it in! 

1. The Mamas and the Papas – “I Saw Her Again”

The Mamas And The Papas
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Who doesn’t love this song? It still gets you in your feelings when it comes on, right? It may interest you to know that there’s a false start – I saw her – which many may miss because the song is almost perfect.

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