Boomer Farewell: 12 Things We Should All Ditch!

In this list, we explore 12 elements boomers say goodbye to, and I agree with them!

As we transition into the 21st century, individuals born between 1946 and 1964, often referred to as the baby boomer generation, are becoming more resolute about parting ways with the outdated aspects of their past. Their preferences have notably evolved, and younger family members from Generation Z may find it challenging to relate to or even understand many of the things that once held significance for boomers.

12. Printed Phone Books

Phone Book
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Do you remember the excitement of flipping through the Yellow Pages to find a local business? Well, in today’s digital age, a quick online search can provide all the information you need. Let’s save some trees and say goodbye to the printed phone book.

11. Oversized Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pad
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Fashion trends come and go, and while the ’80s shoulder pad craze had its moment, it’s probably best left in the past. Let’s embrace more comfortable and natural styles that reflect our individual personalities.

10. The Era of Reading a Usable Map

Man With Map
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The older generations, particularly the boomers, were maneuvering with tangible and fiddly maps before GPS burst onto the scene. Now that we live in a digital age, the skill of reading a usable map is becoming as mythical as the stories of the older generations casually sipping their cup of coffee while poring over a map. They are bidding adieu to this relic of the past and embracing the navigation wonders of the 21st century.

9. The Fuss Over Traditional Cursive Writing

Cursive Writing
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Ah, remember the old-school days of practicing cursive writing in those lined notebooks? Well, it seems like the boomers don’t seem to miss it so much either. Tossing out the complex loops and swooshes of old, this aesthetic skill, now preserved by only a few, is slowly dying out.

8. Stepping Away from Unpaid Internships

Middle Man Disagree
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Unsalaried toil, also known as unpaid internships, was once a must-take ladder rung for young adults entering the job market. Boomer parents, who lived in an era where jobs came with paychecks as a given, are now seeing their adult children wrestle with unpaid internships. But the good thing is that they’re starting to reject this notion.

7. Disillusionment with Pyramid Schemes

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Let’s face it, folks, pyramid schemes are about as outdated as fuzzy toilet covers, and boomers ain’t falling for them anymore. Once a tempting promise of quick riches, boomers now look towards more secure financial literacy tools.

6. The End of the Fuzzy Toilet Seat Cover Era

Toilet Cover
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Yes, you heard that right. The era of adding pizzazz to your water closet with a fuzzy toilet seat cover is waving goodbye to us all. Unlike their continued love for cable TV packages, this is one trend the boomers aren’t holding onto anymore.

5. The Declining Love for Home Shopping Networks

Home Shopping
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The home shopping networks, one could say, are quickly becoming a lost art as boomers pivot to more contemporary shopping outlets. This love has definitely dwindled.

4. The Decline of Ironing Every Piece of Clothing

Ironing Clothes
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Once upon a time, men and women coming of age in the era of pristine, wrinkle-free clothing spent significant hours behind the ironing board. Now, with the numerous non-iron clothing options available, the boomers have swiftly ditched this chore.

3. Indifference Towards Cop Dramas

Watching TV
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The cop drama, once a staple genre in every cable TV package and boomer household, is now falling out of favor. Why bother with suspenseful cop narratives when you’ve got a simpler way to vicariously live different lives – the internet.

2. Saying Goodbye to the Overuse of Ellipses (…)

Couple Goodbye
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The elliptical sentence endings once loved by boomers are slowly beginning to fall out of favor, with younger generations driving towards more concise communication. The older generation ain’t got layered and attitudinal meanings like the digital age youngsters, so they use the three-dot ellipsis to let their thoughts trail off casually – nowadays we use line breaks. Their grandkids use ellipses in a more flirtatious way. They are simply tired of all the confusion they cause!

1. Backing Down from Spreading Conspiracy Theories

Disappointed Man
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Global warming, the climate crisis, CO2 emissions—the list goes on. Conspiracy theories, once spread like wildfire by them boomers, are now being vetted and verified thanks to gen-z and the millennial fact-checkers armed with the tools of the 21st century, beginning a new, more informed chapter in human history. 

As we advance into this generation, boomers are actively discarding outdated aspects of their past. This transition reflects our evolving society, where generations find common ground in leaving behind the past to create a more inclusive and adaptable future.

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