Health & Happiness: 12 Solo Activities to Love Now!

Being alone can seem daunting, but once you settle in, it can truly be enjoyable! An online community shared their healthy and enjoyable solo activities and the perks.

Most are low-cost, and easy to dive right in today!

12. Bike Exploration

Woman Bike
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Grab your bike and explore your neighborhood or nearby trails. Cycling is not only a great way to stay active but also allows you to cover more ground than walking. Discover new corners of your area and enjoy the freedom of two wheels.

11. Journaling

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Journaling is an effective way of de-stressing or simply organizing your thoughts. It could be about your plans and aspirations, to-do lists, words of affirmation, or your innermost thoughts that you might not be comfortable sharing with others—the list goes on! It’s an overall mental health and productivity hack, which you can enjoy too!

10. Go On Daily Nature Walks

Nature Walk
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Listen, hop on that “hot girl walk” trend and get some fresh air! Walks are one of the most pleasurable activities because there are minimal requirements. “Walking does not require you to invest money, exert strong physical effort, or spend a certain amount of time (like going to the gym),” states a daily walker. “You simply go out and enjoy nature or the weather and walk. Listen to the sound of birds, see what other people are doing, and just let yourself relax,” they continued. Get away from the chaos to recharge and reconnect with nature. Walking is ideal for everyone and a perfect way to spend quality alone time.

9. Embrace Meditation

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Turn off the brain for a minute and try meditating! From guided sessions and bedtime stories to breathing exercises, meditation is considered one of the most powerful things you can do for your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. “One of the great benefits of not needing to react instantly to everything is a developing sense of peace despite the ferocious turmoil of the world,” shared an experienced sage. These days, there are infinite resources to help you begin. Start small and feel more zen right away.

8. Get Into Gardening

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Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and sweat a little. Gardening is a popular solo hobby. Develop a green thumb by growing your own produce or planting beautiful flowers. It is therapeutic and affordable. If you live in the city, grow an herb garden or join the community garden. Plus, gardening is generative, which leaves you feeling accomplished. Once that flower, herb, or vegetable grows, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. The activity can be as beneficial as a good workout — time to start gardening!

7. Head to the Movies

Go To The Movies
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Going to see the latest blockbuster is for more than just first dates. Plan a solo date to your local cinema and experience a new movie! “My wife and I both do it. One goes while the other spends one-on-one time with our kid,” shares one parent. That is a solid two hours to yourself!

6. Read at a Cafe

Reading At A Cafe
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Nothing seems cooler than reading some intellectual book at a trendy coffee shop. You can be that person! Find your favorite cafe, order a fancy drink, and perch. Stay for hours to catch up on a good book. You’ll feel at peace, and your impressiveness might soar.

5. Wander Local Museums

Looking At Art Museum
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There is so much to experience in our own backyards. “If you live in a more urban area, exploring the museums in different neighborhoods is a great way to get exercise and see new things,” mentions an independent person. Your city often offers discounts for locals to visit on certain days!

4. Create With Your Hands

Making Art
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You don’t need to consider yourself an artist to create. Painting, writing, ceramics, sewing, and even woodwork are great individual activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re good, it’s just to have fun! Picking a hobby that requires a bit of creativity can be satisfying and gratifying.

3. Take Yourself on Picnics

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Just the thought of picturing yourself on a little picnic is the cutest. Why not try it? Pick up a few goodies at the local grocery store, then prop yourself on a blanket in the nearest park or by the water. Entertain yourself with some music, a podcast, maybe a puzzle, or work on a tan. It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for your mood.

2. Start People Watching

People Watching
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Observe life happening right before your eyes! People-watching is a traditional way to spend an afternoon. “It gets you out of the house,” says one person. “Parks, city squares, coffee shops, beaches — these are all destinations to stroll and observe,” adds another. The more you watch, the more you see. You may even strike up a conversation with a stranger.

1. Learn Something New

Learn Something New
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Whether you’re interested in baking, playing an instrument, or learning a new language, the world is your oyster! One woman expresses, “I like teaching myself new things, like how to use different software or writing up a curriculum on a subject I’m curious about.” She elaborates: “Then I dive really deep into it and even make little YouTube videos on some of the things I’ve learned.” There is always something to discover, why not start now?

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