Ghost of College Past: 14 Things I Didn’t Do and Now Regret!

College is supposed to be the best time of your life, right? You get to explore yourself, learn new things, and grow as a person. But it’s also a time when you might look back and wonder what if. What if you did things differently? What if you made better choices?

Well, I’m here to spill the tea on 14 things I didn’t do in college. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Let’s go!

14. Cultural Exploration and Study Abroad

Diverse Students
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Immersing yourself in different cultures through study abroad programs or cultural exchange initiatives is a missed opportunity. Experiencing life in a foreign country not only broadens your worldview but also fosters adaptability and cultural sensitivity. The unique perspectives gained from such experiences can be invaluable both personally and professionally.

13. Being More Social

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You could say that this is tied to #11, however, this is on a more personal level. Granting that people have preferences, college is still a great way to open yourself to various types of people and hopefully have lasting connections and friendships.

12. Embracing Being One’s Self 

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In pursuit of academic success and social acceptance, students often found themselves conforming to others’ expectations and compromising their true identity. You need to  realize sooner that embracing your uniqueness and individuality would have not only fostered genuine connections but also enriched your personal growth.

It is a place of discovery, but it is also the place where you get to know your true self – the perfect playground to embrace your true self.

11. Networking 

College Friends
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While I focusing on academics, don’t underestimate the power of building meaningful connections with professors, peers, and professionals in your field. You need to realize that college provides a unique and conducive environment for networking opportunities that can shape one’s future.

Sharing a study session could lead to sharing a career opportunity down the road. You know what they say – your network is your net worth!

10. Regular Appointments With My College Advisor

Student Talking To Teacher
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Maintaining regular appointments with your college advisor is another aspect of my college experience I wish I had taken more seriously. As a student, You are meeting your advisor only out of necessity, primarily to select courses and fulfill degree requirements. As a result, You could missed out on a valuable resource that could have provided guidance, support, and insight throughout your academic journey.

They know the path you are treading all too well, and they will help you get there faster!

9. Recognizing College as a Full-Time Responsibility

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Understanding that college demands dedication and consistent effort, much like a full-time job, would have helped you prioritize your studies while still enjoying the social aspects of college in moderation. Realizing this earlier would allow you to strike a healthier balance, excel academically, and fully embrace the holistic college experience.

You’ve got to study, take up activities, and basically shape your future.

8. Viewing College as an Investment

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I ain’t Warren Buffet, but I know that college is like a share you buy in yourself – an investment in your future. If you had the chance to do it over, you might have considered college as a strategic investment in your future, weighing the costs against the potential returns in terms of career opportunities and personal growth. 

College is the key to unlocking whatever you wish to become for the rest of your life. It’s worth paying attention to!

7. Considering a Major Switch 

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Realize that it’s perfectly acceptable to change your major, and doing so could lead to a more fulfilling and aligned educational experience. Embracing this idea earlier could have spared you years of academic dissonance and allowed you to make the most of your college years by pursuing a field you were genuinely passionate about from the beginning.

If you think switching your major is like changing your socks, think again! It requires openness, flexibility, and a lot of contemplation too! 

6.  Adding Course Units

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Looking back, taking that extra course could have enriched your academic experience and provided you with a broader skill set. It could have been an opportunity to explore a new subject or dive deeper into an area of interest. While it might have required more effort and dedication, the knowledge and expertise gained from that additional course unit could have set you apart in your field and opened up new career opportunities.

It’s rich, enhancing, and sometimes it ends up being the best part. You will be at an advantage compared to other students. Who doesn’t want some extra knowledge?

5. Embracing the Challenge of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Stepping out of your comfort zone at college sounds as intimidating as stepping into a room full of cockroaches. Embracing the challenge of leaving your comfort zone earlier in college will expand your horizons and make those years transformative and memorable.

Believe me, embracing the unknown helps shape you and often, the result ain’t half bad. Trust me – that is when your bravery comes out!

4. Making Post-graduation Moving Decisions

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Graduation ain’t just about tossing the cap in the air – it’s about deciding where to land next. It saves time running around aimlessly after graduation! Taking more time to weigh these options and seek advice from mentors and peers could have led to a more informed and satisfying decision. Remember that post-graduation moving choices can greatly impact your career and quality of life, so it’s essential to approach them with careful consideration and long-term planning.

You’ve got to trust me on this – early preparation is key! 

3. Exploring Alternative Paths to Traditional College

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You may find yourself regretting not exploring alternative paths to traditional college more thoroughly. It’s possible that you followed the conventional route without considering other options such as vocational schools, apprenticeships, online education, or gap years. These alternatives could provide you with different experiences and opportunities tailored to your interests and goals. If you researched these pathways more extensively and considered how they align with your aspirations, you might have found a more suitable and fulfilling educational journey.

Remember that the traditional college path isn’t the only route to success, and exploring alternative options can lead to unique and rewarding experiences.

2. It’s Never Too Late for College

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You might have put off pursuing higher education due to various reasons, thinking that your window of opportunity had closed. However, it’s important to understand that age should never be a barrier to seeking knowledge and personal growth. Whether you decided to return to college in your 30s, 40s, or even later, you would have discovered a vibrant community of non-traditional students and an abundance of resources tailored to adult learners.

It’s never too late to walk into the world of academia, so don’t hesitate to explore more possibilities!

1. Reflecting Back: Learning Lessons from College Experiences

Man Reflecting
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A retrospective look at the college years is as important as studying for finals. Reflection ain’t just for mirrors; it helps you grow as an individual. It helps you look back at past mistakes, the lessons you learned, and how to move forward. 

College is a time of immense growth and learning, and it’s natural to have some regrets or lessons learned in hindsight. I hope to inspire current and future students to approach their educational journey with intention, reflection, and a willingness to embrace every opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Your college years are a valuable stepping stone toward a brighter future; make the most of them.

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