Late to the Parenting Party: 10 Genius Hacks Moms Wished They’d Discovered Earlier

Parenting can often feel like a juggling act with endless tasks to manage. Thankfully, there are numerous tips and tricks to help moms navigate through this journey with a bit more ease. Let’s look at some famous mom hacks!

10. Efficiently Cleaning Kids Toys Using Your Washing Machine

Hand Washing Machine
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Keeping children’s toys clean is a daunting task, especially when there are so many of them. Here’s a tip: use your washing machine. Simply put the toys into a mesh laundry bag and toss them into the washing machine.

9. DIY Quick and Easy Stain Remover for Kid’s Clothes

Stain Kid Cloth
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Stains on kids’ clothes are inevitable, but they don’t have to be permanent. A simple DIY stain remover can do wonders. Create a paste using two parts: hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda. This mixture will tackle even the toughest stains.

8. The Simple Shoe Lace Trick for Easier Tying

Tying Shoes
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Tying kid’s shoes can be a hassle, especially when the laces keep coming undone. Here’s a hack that uses something you likely have in your kitchen: olive oil. Just a dab of olive oil applied with a soft cloth can add enough friction to keep those laces tied throughout the day.

7. An Unexpected Use for Hair Ties: Toddler Proofing the Toilet Paper

Pink Hair Band
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Keeping toddlers away from unraveling the toilet paper can be a tough task, but a simple hair tie can solve the problem. Just wrap a hair tie around the roll of toilet paper to keep it safe from playful hands. 

6. Maximize Diaper Bag Space with Simple Adjustments

Diaper Bag
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Being a mom calls for creativity, especially when it comes to maximizing diaper bag space. A handy hack is to roll your baby’s extra clothes into their socks. This saves space and allows you to pack more outfits.

5. Using Plastic Containers for Organizing Pacifiers in Your Bag

Plastic Container
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Organizing pacifiers in your bag can be a hassle, especially when they get lost among other items. Just put your baby’s pacifiers inside small plastic containers to keep them clean and easily accessible.

4. Utilizing Hooks for Better Storage and Organization

Hook Organizing]
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Storage and organization can be a challenge for busy moms. A command hook is an effective solution for this. This can free up the cupboard and drawer space, making things more accessible.

3. Using an Egg Slicer for Quick and Safe Baby Food Preparation

Egg Slicer
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Introducing your baby to solids requires careful preparation. An egg slicer comes in handy to chop your baby’s food into small, safe pieces. This genius mom hack not only saves time but also ensures that the food is of the right size for your baby to consume.

2. Utilizing a Pizza Cutter to Chop Food into Small Pieces

Pizza Slicer
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Chopping food into small pieces for kids can be tedious. But, thanks to pizza cutters, it can be a breeze. From fruits to sandwiches, pizza cutters can be used to quickly and safely chop any food into bite-sized pieces.

1. Making an Emergency Sippy Cup 

Kid Sippy Cup
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Imagine this: you’re out and about with your toddler, and you suddenly realize you forgot your sippy cup. Don’t fret! All you need is a regular cup, a piece of painter’s tape, and a magic marker. Fill the cup with your child’s favorite drink. Then, secure the painter’s tape over the top of the cup, sealing it off.

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