Old School or Cool: The Return of Traditional Housewife Roles?

If you are any social media platform while scrolling through, you may have seen a term called “tradwife” and wondered what it means.

Let me define it for you, Tradwife= Traditional Wife. The ‘tradwife’ movement embraces the idea of a ’50s housewife – a woman who cooks, cleans, and sticks to the stereotypical roles for wives, that many people have long since abandoned.

Not all of the roles are necessarily negative, but tell us, do you agree or disagree with this movement.

Homemaker First:

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The primary role of a wife was to maintain the household. This meant cleaning, cooking, and caring for children, often without the help of modern conveniences we have today.

Appearance Matters:

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Wives were expected to always look their best, especially before their husbands came home. This included wearing dresses, makeup, and ensuring a neat appearance.

Meal Mastery:

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Providing daily home-cooked meals was a given, and many wives took pride in their culinary skills.


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The state of the home was the full responsibility of the wife. All cleaning and chores would be up to the wife.


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Raising well-mannered, obedient children was a top priority. Wives were often the primary caregivers and disciplinarians.

Putting His Needs First:

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Making sure he is resting with his favorite drink with no extra noise when he gets home from a hard day at work.


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Wives were expected to be submissive to their husbands, who were often viewed as the primary decision-makers of the household.

Entertaining Guests:

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Hosting and entertaining guests gracefully was a crucial skill, especially for social events or husband’s business associates.

Budget Management:

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While the husband was typically the breadwinner, wives often managed household finances, making every penny count.

Limited Career Opportunities:

Womans Job
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It was less common for married women to work outside the home. If they did, it was typically in roles deemed ‘appropriate’ for women, such as teaching or nursing.

Supportive Role:

Trad Wife Supportive
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Wives were expected to be their husband’s biggest supporters, both emotionally and in terms of bolstering their husband’s career or decisions.

Limited Independence:

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Major decisions, especially financial ones, were often reserved for the husband, emphasizing a wife’s dependency.

Moral Compass:

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Wives were seen as the moral backbone of the family, responsible for instilling values in their children.

Educational Emphasis:

Mom Teaching Her Child To Cook
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Though not necessarily expected to pursue higher education for themselves, wives were often responsible for their children’s early education and cultural exposure.

Community Involvement:

Volunteer Work
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Participation in community or church activities was encouraged, as it reflected positively on the family.

Minimal Complaints:

Woman Traditional Wife
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Wives were often discouraged from voicing dissatisfaction, especially in public settings. Keeping a positive facade was crucial.

Loyalty and Fidelity:

Wife Loyal And Fidelity Woman Traditional Vintage
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Upholding marital vows and ensuring a stable home environment was of utmost importance.

Do you think any of these things are worth keeping? Or do they all fly in the face of feminism, and equal rights?

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