Migraine-Proof Flights: 11 Strategies for Clear Skies!

So, you’re looking to sweep away those pesky headaches during air travel? We’ve got you covered because we have learned a trick or two over the years to keep that headache at bay on your flight.

11. Mind Your Caffeine Intake

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While staying hydrated is essential, it’s also important to moderate your caffeine intake. Caffeine withdrawal can lead to headaches, so if you’re a regular coffee or tea drinker, consider maintaining your usual caffeine routine during the flight to avoid potential withdrawal headaches.

10. Drink Lots of Water

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Hydration is crucial if you tend to have headaches during flights. Your body experiences a higher rate of dehydration during flights due to the dry cabin air, and it can trigger headaches. So, get yourself a big empty bottle of water, and once you’re past security, you fill it up.

9. Sit Properly

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Posture matters, so you must straighten up, buddy. Sit up straight to keep any neck pain or other discomfort at bay. Don’t slouch, and try not to nap with your head bobbing around; you may need a neck pillow to avoid a stiff neck and a headache.

8. Stretch Your Legs

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Get those legs moving – stand, stretch, walk down the aisle and back. A little bit of leg movement can do wonders for preventing your headache and improving circulation. Exercise has been shown to prevent and treat headaches; a little can go a long way.

7. Reduce the Noise Around You

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Get yourself a pair of solid noise-cancelling headphones. Talking passengers and crying babies can trigger headaches. The noise from the jet engine alone can be headache-inducing. A quieter environment can make a difference in preventing headaches.

6. Get Comfortable

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Adjust that headrest and get the angle of the back just right. Cushions, blankets, or maybe one of those fancy neck pillows will go a long way, especially if sleeping is on your agenda. Feeling at ease helps keep those aches at bay, you see.

5. Cut Down Your Screen Time

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Those little screens on the back of the seat, or your own shiny gadgets, can strain your eyes and cause headaches. Break that screen time into small helpings or cut it out completely.

4. Eat Well

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You’ll be surprised at how crucial eating right is in avoiding headaches. The rules are simple: pick foods that are good for you and stay away from processed foods. Manage your meals from the day before and go easy on the salt.

3. Avoid Alcohol

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We all enjoy a little tipple from time to time, but it could do more harm than good on a flight. Alcohol reduces the amount of water in your body, causing headaches. It is best to stick to water.

2. Manage Your Sinuses

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Arm yourself with a face mask or plugs for your nose, stashed neatly in your carry-on bag. Smells can be annoying when you’re up in the air. Bring your own snacks to make things better. It’ll keep the hunger at bay, and you’re in control of what you eat.

1. See a Neurologist

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If you’re the type who suffers from headaches, popping by a neurologist’s office might be right up your alley. A neurologist can guide you in understanding the triggers that could prompt headaches, especially on a flight. They can also prescribe some anti-nausea medication or other forms of pain relief to make the journey easier.

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