Chaos-Free Living: Experts’ Advice on What to Remove Now

In a world where clutter seems to accumulate effortlessly, finding peace amidst chaos can feel like an uphill battle. Whether it’s physical clutter in our homes or mental clutter in our minds, decluttering is essential for maintaining a sense of order and well-being.

To help you clear out the chaos and reclaim your space and sanity, we’ve gathered expert advice on what to remove now.

15. Worn-out or Uncomfortable Shoes

Old Shoes Collection
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Shoes that have seen better days, are uncomfortable to wear, or no longer fit your style should be bid farewell. Declutter your shoe rack to make room for footwear you actually enjoy and wear regularly.

14. Obsolete Technology Cables

Old Cables
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If you have a drawer full of cables for devices you no longer own or technology that’s outdated, it’s time to declutter. Keep only the essential cables and adapters that you use frequently and get rid of the rest.

13. Excess Clothes

Disposing unused clothes may be difficult for some, but it is an essential decluttering method. By getting rid of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, you can free up space, reduce stress, and support others by giving them away. And of course, you can very well sell them and get some cash!

Wardrobe Girl
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12. Empty Boxes

Empty Boxes
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That shoebox might come in handy, but how many do you really need?

11. Unused Exercise Equipment

Unused Workout Equipment
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If it’s become a clothes hanger, it’s time to part ways.

10. Outdated/Broken Electronics

Broken Phones
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Broken earphones, earbuds with only one ear working, cables that you have to hold in a certain position to work, an old phone from 4 years ago, ancient floppy disks, and obsolete VHS tapes.

What do all these have in common? They’re a big pile of ‘useless’ that needs to go away.

9. Expired Stuff

Expired Food
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Those bottles of vitamins sitting in your meds cabinet, the 5-year-old scrub tub parked on your bathroom self-care shelf, and the untouched canned food living at the back of your pantry.

Sort those expiration dates and say goodbye to items that don’t make the cut!

8. Shabby Towels

Old Towels
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I get the “they’re still working” sentiment with your worn and torn beach and pool towels, but news flash — you’re better off without them.

Don’t worry though, you can make sure they’re useful to someone by donating them to your local pet shelter.

7. Flimsy Kitchen Tools

5 Kitchen Utencils
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I’m all for handy kitchen gadgets, but a peeler that always gets stuck and a wine opener that never gets the job done have no place in your utensil drawer.

Ditch the dull scissors, the too-delicate garlic press, and those pancake turners that bend under the food’s weight.

6. Incomplete Storage Containers

Food Storage Containers
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You know that kitchen cabinet with an avalanche of food storage containers that you only open if absolutely necessary? Yeah, you need to let those go.

Whether they’re mismatched pieces, halves of pairs, or just containers without an occasion, throw out any item that doesn’t solve your storage problems.

5. Old Makeup and Cosmetics

Old Makeup
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Anyone who uses makeup knows this all too well — the dozens of half-used lipsticks, the dried-up mascara you swear you’ll fix, and the body lotion that still has some left at the bottom.

Most beauty products last only a few months to a couple of years. Not only do these hurt your storage space, but can be a health risk too.

4. Junk Drawer Items

4 Kitchen Junk Drawer Shutterstock 2250686101
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We all have a junk drawer, no shame there. The problem starts when you lose sight of the line between “can come in handy” odds and “I have a hoarding issue” items.

That bag of spare buttons or the bunch of plastic clips can come in handy, but every rubber band from every purchase won’t.

3. Cookbooks

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Seriously, who even uses these anymore? A quick search online is enough for you to say goodbye to most if not all your cookbooks.

2. Wire Hangers

Wire Hangers
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Closet clutter is more because of wire hangers than anything else. Swap those out for a type of hander designed to maximize storage space.

1. Random Mail and Paper

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Junk mail is meant for the garbage bin, and so are those old takeout menus, 2-year-old receipts, expired coupons, and business cards of services/people you don’t even remember.

Recycle what you can and toss what you can’t. Use drawer dividers to keep things sorted.

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