Head Scratcher: 22 Brit Slang Words Stumping Americans!

The English language, despite being shared by both the United States and the United Kingdom, often exhibits intriguing differences. One delightful aspect of this linguistic divergence is the array of British slang words that can leave Americans scratching their heads.

In this blog post, let’s unravel the mystery behind 22 Brit slang words that might baffle even the most seasoned American English speakers.

Trousers vs. Pants

Man Pants
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Whether it’s pants or trousers, what truly matters is that my fashion is always on point!

Sidewalk vs. Pavement or Footpath

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I’ll take either for a nice walk in the afternoon if the weather is nice!

Cookie vs. Biscuit

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This is another one of those, that I technically wouldn’t mind either of!  But I have to admit when I hear the word biscuit I picture something square, dry and salty, and I’d prefer the cookie!  What do you think of when you hear these words?

Elevator vs. Lift

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If it means I don’t have to take the stairs.  I’m okay with either!

Truck vs. Lorry

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So technically in British English, a lorry is a large vehicle used for transporting goods by road. Which we might call a big rig, semi truck or diesel.  Your everyday truck is more often starting to just be referred to as a truck in both countries.

Diaper vs. Nappy

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These lifesaving contraptions are great in either language.

Vacation vs. Holiday

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I’m ready to try out an English “holiday”, it makes me think of the movie, and the Jude Law character waiting…

Gasoline vs. Petrol

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I’m pretty sure no matter where you are this stuff is expensive!

Soccer vs. Football

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When it comes to “football” as it were, I definitely prefer soccer to American football.  What sport do you like to watch?

Apartment vs. Flat

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I love the sound of a flat, somehow it sounds more exciting than simply apartment.

Trash vs. Rubbish

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Either way, I don’t think you will want to keep this for long!

Faucet vs. Tap

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What I find interesting about these two is that we drink tap water from a faucet. So while we call it a faucet where I’m from, we still drink tap water not faucet water.

Eraser vs. Rubber

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I prefer ink. So, there is that.

Candy vs. Sweets

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I love the sound of sweets.  I think you could add sucker vs. lolly on this one, I prefer the sound of lolly but I want to spell it with an “i” am i alone on this?

Fall vs. Autumn

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I feel like these words are more interchangeable than many other word combos on this list.

Mailbox vs. Postbox

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When I hear postbox, I think of the post office proper.  So depending on where you get your mail, this may work for both countries.

Sneakers vs. Trainers

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Either word is sort of fun on this one.  I like them both.

Cell phone vs. Mobile phone

Cell Phone
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Again this word seems interchangeable.  I wonder if they ever call them cell phones in England.  I feel like mobile phone feels like a mouthful to say every time. 

Garbage Can vs. Bin

Garbage Can
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Technically when I hear this one I think of the Bluey episode about taking out the trash bins.  Its a good one.

Flashlight vs. Torch

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In America a torch is a piece of wood or whatnot with fire at the end of it.  Which makes the idea of a crazy treasure hunt come to mind when I hear this word comparison.

Zucchini vs. Courgette

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This is the French influence on the English language, being neighbors and all.  It makes me question, where in the world did the word Zucchini come from?

Fries vs. Chips

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Yes, good old fish and chips… who knew they were talking about fries?  (I mean at least when I was younger I had no idea!)

And that wraps up our list.  What are we missing?

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