Say It Right: The Top 12 Words We Often Mess Up!

Now, we all know English can be a tricky beast. This language has more rules and exemptions than an inner-city parking lot. Some people end up giving their own spin on words, and before they know it, we’re all walking around, spouting sentences worse than a curved flat tire.

So, let’s break down these common words people mispronounce, and hey, who knows, you might just learn something new!


Woman Is Shocked
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A specialized segment of the market or a comfortable or suitable position in life – that’s a “niche” (rhymes with “itch”), not “neesh.” Let’s find your niche in the world of correct pronunciation.

11. Artic

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“Arctic,” referring to the region around the North Pole, is often mispronounced as “ar-tik.” The correct way to say it is “ark-tik,” with the emphasis on the first syllable. Many people mistakenly pronounce the “c,” making it sound like “arctic.” To navigate the cold and frosty waters of the pronunciation of this word, stick to “ark-tik.”

10. Pronunciation

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An ironic start to our list, don’t you think? Most people will try to say pro-noun-ciation, but that isn’t the revival ticket. It’s pro-nun-ciation. Let’s keep it simple, like a burger with just the good stuff: meat and bun. None of that fancy, British English nonsense with the extra fillings.

9. Hunger Pains

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Here’s one we’ve all felt. But it isn’t “hunger pains”; it’s “hunger pangs.” Like a pang of guilt, you know. After all, hunger doesn’t exactly feel like a pleasure cruise.

8. Doggy Dog World

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This one’s chuckle-worthy. Not sure how many worlds are run by dogs, but for us two-legged types, it’s a “dog-eat-dog world”, not a “doggy-dog world”. 

7. Take me for Granite

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Unless they’re being turned into a kitchen countertop, no one should be taken for granite. The correct phrase is “Take me for granted”, unless you’re chatting with Michelangelo while he’s chiseling away on a new statue.

6. Pre-Madonna

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Except if we’re referring to the time before Madonna introduced the cone-shaped clothing item, then it should be “primadonna.” Don’t know much about pop music history? No worries, “primadonna” is an Italian word that, when pronounced in Italian, means ‘first lady.’ No need for pop stars.

5. Proply

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This one sounds like a mispronounced dish at a Greek restaurant. It’s “properly”, properly pronounced, not “proply”. Order up!

4. Fowl Swoop

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Unless you’ve got a chicken performing aerial acrobatics, it isn’t a “fowl swoop”. The correct phrase is “one fell swoop”. Leave the poultry out of this one.

3. Without Further Adieu

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If you’re not in the middle of a French serenade saying goodbye, it’s without further ado, not adieu. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes with foreign words!

2. Pedal to the Medal

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Last I checked, bikes don’t go on medals. Kick that sentiment to the curb; the phrase is “Pedal to the metal.” You’re stepping on the gas, not an Olympic prize.

1. Perscription

Doctor Prescription D
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This one lands us right in the doctor’s office. Those medical notes they hand out are prescriptions, with a healthy ‘P’, not perscriptions. Remember, an apple a day keeps the mispronunciations away. I bet some of these words are pronounced wrongly by you too! Isn’t it?

Language is full of nuances, and it’s easy to get tripped up by tricky pronunciations. However, with a little practice and attention to detail, you can ensure that you’re saying these words and phrases correctly.

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