Unlock Gorgeous Locks: Hairstylist Hacks!

Here are some top hairstylist secrets, tried and true – the real deal stuff. Buckle up and get ready to uncover the 13 expert tips that’ll get you closer to achieving that stunning hair you’ve only dreamt about.

13. Silk Pillowcase Elegance

Silk Pillow
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Upgrade your beauty sleep by investing in a silk pillowcase. Unlike cotton, silk reduces friction, preventing hair breakage and minimizing frizz. Wake up with effortlessly beautiful hair every morning.

12. Minimize Washing to Maximize Color

Man Showering
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Leading hairstylists dare to spill the beans, revealing that washing your hair too often can strip some color off of your hair cuticle. Wash every few days, not daily.

11. Tame Flyaways With Hairspray

Woman Hair Spray Dp
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Hairspray helps lock flyaways down. Aim a medium-hold hairspray directly onto your fingertips and gently smooth down the strays. 

10. Shield Your Curls in the Summer

Curly Hair Girl
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A heat protectant is a shield for your hair, keeping it smooth and intact. You might wanna make it your summer bestie!

9. Treat Dry Hair Overnight with Vitamins

Moisturizing Hair Dp
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A touch of beauty in the form of vitamin-infused moisturizers will make your hair glow. So, let your hair have its beauty sleep with those rich-in-vitamins treatments.

8. When Braiding, Moisturize as You Go

Braided Hair Dp
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Moisturizing helps relax and detangle ya hair, making it easier to work with. Plus, it reduces breakage and adds good old shine to your braids.

7. Use Body Powder to Soak Up Oil

Body Powder Dp
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When your hair’s starting to look a lil’ greasy, a fine body powder can be your knight in shining armor. Yes sir! A little bit of this magic dust onto the oily spots will absorb that gunk.

6. Hide Baby Hairs with Serum

Hair Serum Dp
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The light oils in serums are just heavy enough to tame those baby hairs without making your hair look greasy. You gotta try it!

5. Use Two Hair Ties for Your Pony

Woman Pony Tail Dp
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Using two hair ties can give you that smooth, bump-free ponytail or bun you always see in hair commercials and never seem to achieve yourself. Worth the try, don’t you think?

4. Energize Your Scalp for Better Hair Growth

Woman Brushing Hair Dp
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An energized scalp can stimulate better hair growth. Wanna know how? A simple paddle brush would do the trick. Just rotate the brush in circular motions all around your head and voila!

3. Hydrate, Then Define Curls

Woman Diy Hair Treatment Dp
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When your hair’s still damp from a wash, slather on a solid leave-in treatment, hair oil, or hydrating lotion. Hit it up with a curl cream or a gel and style. This locks in the moisture, keeping your curls evenly defined and soft.

2. Disguise Roots with Clever Styling

Man Fixing Hair Dp
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Switch up your hairstyle by moving your parting to a different spot. Pal, you will add body and volume to your tresses, making them look fuller, and do a wizard-like job of blurring those bright roots. 

1. Control frizz with a round brush

Girl With Round Brush Dp
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Hold the hair in the brush for six seconds after you remove the heat. It’s like letting a well-done steak rest; that tension helps to smooth out your strands. And there you have it – less frizz, more chic!

With these tips in hand, take a swaggering step towards embracing hair health like a pro.

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