Score Big: Dollar Store Gems Revealed!

Tight on the budget, huh? We all have been there. Next time you have some dollars to spare, swing down to that dollar store. This place is a gold mine, believe it or not. And here, nobody is judging you!

Crazy Stupid Dollar Store Deals

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A smart shopper can find things to buy at dollar stores that make every buck count. Trust me, these dollar store buys will have you grinning like a cat with a new mouse. So, the question is, what do you gotta look out for? The following are the top 10 things to buy at the dollar store:

Gardening Essentials

Garden Supplies
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Cultivate your green thumb with gardening tools and accessories that won’t dig into your gardening budget. Dollar stores often carry seeds, planters, and more.

Party Supplies

Party Supplies Buy At The Dollar Store
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Do you have an event coming up? Birthday party, anniversary, or just because it’s Tuesday? Dollar stores are your secret weapon. The selection of party supplies at the dollar store is something else. We’re talking Mylar balloons, party hats, a whole jungle of paper plates and cups. Even something as simple as tissue paper brawls with department store varieties for top shelf.

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Decor, Great Things To Buy At The Dollar Store
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The Dollar Store has got you covered for every festive occasion. But hey, even if you aren’t crafting fancy stuff, you can always get some basic picture frames. Your holiday gatherings with the family never looked so darn snazzy!

Baking Mixes

Baking Mixes Great Things To Buy At The Dollar Store
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What’s a dollar got to do with a full belly? Maybe more than you think! Whip out some bucks, and you can leave a dollar store with a bunch of ready-to-go baking mixes. Don’t let that bake sale scare you; these easy buttons of the culinary world got your back!


Drinkware From The Dollar Tree
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Dollar store has a good collection of Martini glasses, daiquiri glasses, and more – all without breaking the bank. It’s like an all-you-can-drink buffet for your kitchen cabinets!

Spices and Seasonings

Spices And Seasoning
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At the Dollar Store, they’ve got a rainbow of spices and seasonings. No more forsaking that gourmet burger seasoning just ’cause the price tag stings. They’ve even got Bobby pin-like essentials: small but dang important. Add some wrapping paper to the mix, and Bob’s your uncle!

Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Test From The Dollar Tree
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Now, bear with me here. I personally dealt with a 20 year infertility journey.  Pregnancy’s tests month after month are REALLY expensive.  These test are a buck.  I always had at least 10 on hand at all times, I kid you not.  I felt no guilt using these especially when your hope is up and you find out it is negative. 

At least you didn’t waste $15 dollars just to be disappointed. These aren’t early detection tests, but they do work very well and reliably.  Only catch: keep that expiration date in mind.

Cooking Accessories

Cooking Accessories
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Items at the dollar store can cover all your cooking needs. Dig through a dollar store’s assortment and you’ll find everything from ponytail holders to cheese graters. Some are even decently made, trust me.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Are A Great Deal At The Dollar Store
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Got a special occasion coming up and need to send your regards? Get more than just a Hallmark card. Those greeting cards at your local dollar store have got some love to give. And if you need a pair of reading glasses or a decorative bowl to complete the heartfelt gift, they got you covered.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies For A Deal
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Have you ever hosted a party, only to end up with a place looking like a hurricane blew through? Go grab some cleaning supplies sold at dollar stores. The Dollar store is a perfect place for scrubbers, mops, cleaning clothes, and more.

You probably won’t find the socks made with acrylic or spandex here, but on the plus side, Krazy Coupon Lady could turn into a thing.

Organization Supplies

Organizational Supplies
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The Dollar Store has a huge collection boxes and organizers.  These can be used for both drawers and shelves.  You can mix and match or keep things simple and clean looking by buying all the same type container.

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