Too Much of a Good Thing: 12 Activities Ruined by Crowds

In a world that thrives on connectivity and shared experiences, the allure of popular activities often draws crowds seeking to partake in the excitement. However, as the saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.”

In this blog, we delve into the 12 Activities Ruined by Crowds. 

12. Art Gallery

Art Gallery
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Exploring art galleries is a cultural delight, but it loses some of its charm when you’re navigating through a sea of art enthusiasts and newcomers. Overcrowding can create hurdles in fully appreciating the artwork at your own pace and reflecting on its profound meaning.

11. Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs
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Shopping through a craft fair or a farmers market used to be so fun.  Now they’re crowded with dozens of mlms. Said one person “I just want to find knitted slippers made by an old lady who clearly has a drinking problem, not more Norwex.”

10. Music Festivals

Music Festival 1
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You’d have to live under a rock to be unaware of the price gouging at musical festivals. From high ticket costs to overpriced food and drink, music festivals are no longer something you can attend on a budget due to their overwhelming popularity. The more popular festivals became, the more the “normal fan” was priced out.

9. Climbing Mount Everest

Mount Everest 1
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Conquering one of the world’s tallest peaks was a lifelong goal of only the most adventurous and thrill-seeking people. Now it’s become as popular as running a neighborhood 5k race. “Reaching the top used to be a goal; now it’s just a place to satisfy your adrenaline addiction,” reveals one woman. “I’ve read about people climbing Everest four to six times. Why? What’s the point? And the summit is littered with garbage.”

8. Thrifting

Woman In Local Thrift Store
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From shopping at thrift stores to upcycling old items into dazzling refurbished pieces, a small segment of the population has always loved thrifting. Like everything else on this list, it has been ruined by everyone trying to cash in on this latest trend.

7. Cooking Shows

TV Cooking Show
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Cooking shows used to be a fascinating look into the minds of some of the top chefs in the world. Today, television channels are filled with copycat cooking shows lacking creativity and innovation. “It used to be a few talented chefs who had shows to teach,” laments one woman. “Now it’s every darn celebrity who can or cannot cook making the same recipes as everyone else.”

6. Building a Computer From Scratch

Man With Computer
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In the 90s and 2000s, building a computer from scratch was incredibly satisfying and fulfilling — and an inexpensive way to create your dream PC. Unfortunately, computer enthusiasts have caught on, causing individual PC component prices to rise to historic levels. In 2023, buying a pre-built PC is cheaper than making one yourself.

5. Airbnb

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Like Uber and Lyft, Airbnb became too popular, and its owners decided to raise prices to cash in on their near-monopolies. Isn’t capitalism fun? “Remember when it was a cool and inexpensive way to travel and not an excuse for wealthy people to contribute to screwing over the poor and ruining the housing market?” asks one man.

4. Camping

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Camping has historically been reserved for two groups: Outdoor-lovers and divorced dads who have no idea what else to do during their designated weekend with their kids. Today, everyone has co-opted camping, from influencers to partiers and everyone in between. A camping trip used to be peaceful, but that’s not the case anymore.

3. Conspiracy Theories

Man Annoyed 2
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As a child, I remember being blown away by my uncle as he explained his favorite conspiracy theories to me. Flash-forward to the present day, and I’m annoyed at all of them! “It used to mean you were an eccentric, out-of-the-box thinker,” explains one man. “Today, it is the defining trait of a moron.” I couldn’t have said this better myself.

2. Hobby Collecting

Comic Books
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Remember that fantastic thing you loved collecting as a child, like video games, comic books, and baseball cards? Well, everything’s ruined now. Thanks to “professional hobbyists,” prices for these commodities are now cost-prohibitive. What was a relaxing collecting hobby for millions has turned into something only wealthy collectors enjoy.

1. Any Geeky Fandom

Batman Cosplayers
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Being hardcore fans of anime, pro wrestling, and Harry Potter used to be a badge of honor for some of the most proud geeks in the world. Now everyone calls themselves geeks, co-opting many interests from the true fans. Events like San Diego Comic-Con are no longer meant for these truly geeky fans but for anyone willing to pay excessive money to “be a geek” for a weekend.

Source: Reddit.

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