Reveal Your Essence: 13 Habits Exposing Your True Self!

What do your daily routines say about you? They might reveal more than you think. In this article, we’ll show you eleven habits that can give you clues about your personality, sometimes more than your social media profile.

But don’t take these interpretations too seriously. They are just for fun and amusement. Sometimes they might be accurate, and sometimes they might be off. So, are you curious to find out how these habits will reveal something about yourself?

13. Reaction to Traffic Jams 

Angry Driver
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How you respond to traffic jams can be a mirror reflecting your patience and temperament. If you stay calm and collected, it suggests a patient and composed personality. On the other hand, if you get frustrated easily, it might indicate a more impulsive nature.

12. Desk Organization 

Organizing Desk
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The state of your desk can be a window into your organizational skills and work habits. A clutter-free desk may signify a structured and focused individual, while a more chaotic workspace might be linked to creativity and adaptability.

11. Your Treatment of Service Personnel

Waiter Serving Young People In Restaurant
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Your behavior towards service personnel reveals your character. You have power over them because they have to please you. If you are rude to them, it means you lack integrity, empathy, and self-respect. Respectful people don’t act superior to anyone.

10. Eating Habits

Eating Habits
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What’s in your lunch box or order off the menu? Believe it or not, your eating habits can reveal a lot about your personality. You might be thinking, hell, why does my plate of spaghetti and plate of burgers make me seem ambitious and impatient? Well, researchers suggest that food-related behaviors can actually involve our brain circuitry, particularly areas connected to reward, pleasure, and emotional stability. 

9. Walking Style

Fitness Walking Feet
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Before you get to pacing, let me say this – the way you walk can bring out a star or a timid mouse. You strut around like a peacock, light on your toes, chin up high and you get branded as charismatic and socially adept. They’ll put you on center stage and expect you to hog the spotlight! On the other hand, if you’re kind of introverted and polite, your eyes are probably glued to the floor. 

8. Spending Habits

Grocery Shopping On An App Money Saving Habits
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Hey, are you pouring out your wallet at the mall like water from a fountain? Or, are you more like a miser pinching pennies? Your spending habits, my friend, can paint a portrait of your personality like no other. If you’re more the type to spend on fancy dinners, holidays, or spa visits, then you value pampering yourself. 

7. Punctuality

Manage Your Time
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Are you one of those souls who is obsessively clock-watching so you wouldn’t be late for anything? Or are you the laid back type, always having a ‘fashionably late’ entry? Turns out, punctuality can be a telltale sign of your personality type. 

6. Posture

Posture Man Sitting Up At Desk
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Pull your shoulders back mate, stand tall! Now, apart from making you look a foot taller, your posture can say more about you than the words coming out of your mouth. If you’re sitting back, relaxed, you might be seen as friendly and approachable. 

5. Shoe Choice

Wearing Shoes Inside
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You’re probably wondering how something as trivial as shoes can reveal your personality. Your shoe picks can be as telling as your Myers-Briggs personality type. For example, people who prefer to wear comfortable shoes are those that don’t care what others think, while those with the fancy ones are too conscious about their attire.

4. State of Your Living Space

Modern Living Room
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Take a gander around your living space. Does it look like a tornado swept through or is everything all neat and tidy? It isn’t hard to know that the cleanliness of your living space can be a dead giveaway of your personality. People with polished homes, you’re on the side of detail-oriented and disciplined individuals. However, for all those freedom-loving, creative hotshots, a touch of chaos in the house isn’t a big deal. 

3. Social Media Usage

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How much time you clock on social media can be a sneaky snitch on your personality traits. In fact, keywords used by people on social media also tell about their major traits. So if you’re always in a rush to hit the ‘post’ button, you value real-time connections. On the other hand, if your social media game is low, it can mean you value privacy and prefer face-to-face interactions.

2. Exercise Routine

Working Out At Gym
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Couch Potato or Gym rat, who do you think you are? Generally, people with a firm handshake (as an indicator of physical health) are more likely to be emotionally expressive. So the person’s handshake might be the first clue to their exercise routine, reflecting their personality. 

1. Handling of Criticism

Angry Girsl Talking
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Criticism…can be as prickly as a hedgehog, yeah? Is it your kryptonite or do you swat it away with the ease of a pro badminton player? The way you handle criticism speaks volumes about your personality, and it can reveal whether you’re resilient, open-minded or sensitive. 

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