How to Not Like Someone and Avoid Stress: An 11-Step Plan

Life’s full of these awkward encounters, isn’t it? There’s that one person who rubs you the wrong way, and you’d rather avoid their presence altogether. It’s crucial to remember that not liking someone doesn’t equate to being rude or disrespectful. It’s not about tarnishing their image; it’s about managing your own strong emotions – treating a tricky situation with care, like handling a live wire with insulated gloves instead of bare hands.

In this post, we’ll delve into expert-approved methods for navigating these conflicting feelings without disrupting either their life or yours. 

These are eleven strategies on how to not like someone the wise way.

11. Don’t Be Too Closed-Minded

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Ok, granted they tick you off, but what if you give them the benefit of the doubt? If you are not too closed-minded, you take away the negativity and this helps you deal with them in a healthier, more mature way.

10. Don’t Make That Person Feel Bad About Themselves

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When it comes to loving someone, take it from me: It’s a two-way highway, not a country backroad. Just because you’re U-turning doesn’t mean you must make them feel stuck in a pothole. Keep it cordial, keep it kind. There is nothing worse than feeling guilty for being yourself, and you don’t wanna stick that label on them.

9. Don’t Tell Others that You Dislike That Person

Don't Tell Others You Dislike Them
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Look, disliking someone is not a bulletin to post on each neighborhood light pole. Keep it on the down-low; you never know when the winds may change direction. It isn’t about keeping secrets; it’s just about keeping the peace. So, if you’ve got it out for someone, hide it, don’t show it!

8. Avoid Staying Around

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Avoiding doesn’t mean building a moat around your feelings for someone and pulling the plug on human interaction altogether. It’s about keeping a healthy limit, like watching only three episodes of a thrilling series instead of binging all night despite the text messages screaming for your attention.

7. Refuse Gifts From Them

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Refusing isn’t rude if done right. You don’t want anything that can bridge that physical distance you’ve got going on. Imagine that gift as a rubber band; every time you poke at it, it’s gonna spring back and make you feel that you owe something to them. So, politely refuse any gifts or deliveries so you don’t feel guilty if you decide to cut off ties with them in the future!

6. Hangout With Someone Else

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Feelings are like migratory birds; unchain the gate, and they will find a new destination, I promise. An effective way to channel unwanted feelings is turning to some quality time with trusted friends into a high-quality time. You were a person before being a person with feelings. Remember that!

5. Don’t Overpower Them

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Now, disliking someone is not a game of arm wrestling. No one’s in it to overpower or punch someone down. We all know that “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” So, grant them their verbal space, too, and don’t be too hard on them.

4. Don’t Expect Them to Understand Your Intentions Right Away

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This may sting a bit, but it’s essential: don’t anticipate the other person to immediately understand your intentions. This journey you’re on of not liking someone involves someone else, too. And they need their time and space to adapt. Sometimes, personal growth isn’t instantaneous, and that’s okay. 

3. Never Tell Others to Dislike That Person Too

Don't Tell Others To Not Like Them
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Just because you’re having trouble with someone doesn’t mean others have to join the bandwagon. Encourage personal space and respect others’ judgment. The world needs more kindness, not disliking committees. Choose productive ways to manage your feelings; don’t direct your narrative towards others.

2. Focus More on Yourself

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Finally and most importantly, focus more on yourself, champ! Embrace your feelings, but remember to radiate that same energy toward self-growth too. This doesn’t mean disregarding others, but sometimes liking someone can leave no room for ‘you’ in the equation. Find that balance, find yourself, and learn to fly. You’re all that you’ve got!

1. Set Your Boundaries

Set Boundaries
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Boundaries are like the invisible walls of your emotional fortress. Gone are the days when every little thing was a personal interview. It’s about staying in your zone and avoiding negative thoughts that act like quicksand. Dig this – our thoughts impact our health and wellness. The more we dwell on someone not playing on our team, the more we sink into that emotional quicksand!

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